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Template:Infobox Organization Young Women's Christian Association of the Philippines (YWCA of the Philippines) is part of the YCWA World, a global network of women in 125 countries worldwide advocating for peace, justice, human rights, environment, and the status of women.


The Young Women's Christian Association was founded in 1855 during the industrial revolution in Great Britain. It spread to Canada, the U.S., and other countries. In the Philippines, it was formally organized on October 26, 1926.

The Young Women's Christian Association of the Philippines started as the Time Investment Club when Felicisima Balgos-Barza formed it with women students and young professionals. She used the methods of YWCA World in their activities, having worked there in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1925, the same group became the core of the YWCA in the country, known as YWCA Manila.

In October 1928, the organization provided the Physical Education Training Course for Women as its primer program. In 1933, the first girl's dormitory was opened for students and working women. Through the following years, more services were given through literary classes, child guidance, home crafts, and citizenship training.

During the war period, the organization engaged in relief and social work activities. The members provided food and wooden shoes to the marchers of Death March.

After World War II, it conducted "The Community Training of Women" which helped in the growth of its membership. Additionally, it helped widows and orphans find employment and promoted fellowship and understanding among women with different nationalities.

YWCA of the Philippines was created when Laguna, Baguio City, and other provinces organized their local chapters. In 1947, its National Council was organized and was accepted as a corresponding member of the World YWCA.


An association, fully inclusive of age, faith, creed and status using collective women power for social change and transformation.


To develop women and girl volunteers to achieve Human Rights, Health, Security, Dignity, Freedom, Justice, and Peace for all people.


  • To improve quality of life.
  • To develop women as change leaders/members in body, mind and spirit.
  • To engage in selfless Christian service.
  • To empower women and girls in dynamic partnership with men and service groups towards total transformation.

- Susan Brennan, World YWCA President[1]

Regional associations

The YWCA of the Philippines is the umbrella association of YWCA-Regional Clusters Luzon, (Northern and Southern) Visayas and Mindanao. Each cluster is composed of Local Associations and each Local Association is composed of adult members and youth. The Youth are the Y-Buds, Y-Teens and Student Y.

Luzon Northern:




Total number of YWCA members is estimated at 10,000 persons.

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