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The Yogads were at one time in the town of Diffun, Quirino. They now occupy the towns of Echague, Angadanan, Santiago City and Jones, of the province of Isabela. Yogads are a part of the Christianized Kalingas of Western Isabela. They are predominantly of the Indonesian type with slight mixture of Negrito and Chinese blood. They vary from reddish brown to dark brown in complexion, are round-headed, have straight black hair, dark brown eyes and noses of medium breadth with low regular features. Like other Filipinos, they are practically beardless.

Their culture, like that of the other Christian groups of the lowland is tinctured by Spanish civilization. Although the people retain many of the primitive customs and beliefs. Formerly they practiced the kaingin system.

Their principal product is tobacco, while corn is their important food supply. Fond of hunting, the Sierra Madre Mountains are their hunting grounds. They also do considerable basketwork and dwell in a structure of wood like bamboo, or in mountain cave with a thatched or bamboo roof. The men wear shirt and trousers and the women wear camisa and skirt. Yogads are fond of music and dances.

Yogad is also the language used by this ethnic tribe.



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