Weirdest Komiks Creators

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This is it! The page where you will read the weirdest ever komiks creators! It's only here will you find it, the komiks creators who made a name not only as great writers or illustrators, but also with their weird work habits!

  1. Alfredo Alcala-the great illustrator Alcala tops our list of the weirdest komiks creator. Alcala was an indefatigable illustrator, sometimes never sleeping for days just to finish a storyboard. He was known to finish 40 pages of komiks art in one week's time! Alcala also did not need a bed. He slept right on his drawing board, with an art book by Dean Cornwell serving as his pillow! These were observed by Virgilio Redondo when the latter visited him in his house.
  2. Emil Rodriguez-according to his fellow komiks illustrators, the great Emil Rodriguez was always alone. He only had one friend-Rico Rival. When Emil left for the States, he allegedly became such a hermit that not even Rico Rival was able to contact him. When Rico himself went to the States, he tracked down the phone number of Emil. Rico called him excitedly that he was now in the States. But instead of being happy to know his friend had arrived, Emil reprimanded Rico for calling at such an unholy hour. Aghast, Rico put down the receiver, deciding to leave him alone forever. Recent efforts to find Emil led nowhere. It's as if the great illustrator just decided to shut himself from the world.
  3. Alex Nino-Alex may just be the most fantastic Filipino illustrator ever. His works is unsurpassed for immense quality of imagination. Yet, some fellow komiks illustrators noticed a weird work habit of Alex. They noticed that like Edgar Allan Poe, Alex needs a shot of liquor before proceeding to draw his comics.