Wakas ng Pagtitiis

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Wakas ng Pagtitiis is a sequel to Roman Reyes's Bulaklak ng Kalumpang. The novels were published in the first decade of the American Occupation.

Other novels by Roman Reyes include Andrea Liwaswas, Pusong Walang Pag-ibig, and Higanti ng Pag-ibig.


With Aling Sanang's death, Serafin and Geleng agree to have familial relations rather than romantic. Serafin finds love in Yeyeng, a girl who had long been secretly in love with him. Serafin is arrested for evading military service and, after being imprisoned, is sent on a mission to Jolo. A letter arrives for him after some time telling him of Yeyeng's engagement with another man. The letter is a fraud, however, and Geleng tells the truth to Serafin. Bindoy, an admirer of Yeyeng, was the one who sent the letter to destroy the relationship of the lovers. Once the issue is settled, Serafin and Yeyeng get married. Bindoy, on the other hand, is left with a pregnant Tale whose child he fathered.


During the American Occupation, Filipino writers were prolific and numerous Tagalog novels were published. The most common themes of books were the socio-political conditions of that period and the complexities of love; usually, the two themes were interposed with each other. The latter, however, was explored by exposing the intricate relationships between lovers and their milieu, and the dynamics of love in contrast with experiences of grief, rage, and revenge.

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