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Template:Infobox Philippine city Urdaneta City is a 2nd class city in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 111,582 people in 22,908 households. The city has been identified by the Province of Pangasinan as a growth pole, thereby making the sorrounding localities as its satellite.


The City of Urdaneta is located in eastern part of the Province of Pangasinan, situated on 15°56' to 16°0' latitude and 120°29' to 120°37' longitude.

Traverse by the Manila North Road virtually bisecting the locality into the west and east side. The city is bounded north by the Municipality of Binalonan, south of villasis, east by Asingan and west by Sta. Barbara.

The city is approximately 186 km. from Metro Manila, 70 km. from Baguio, and 40 km. from Lingayen.

Historical Background

Other localities have legends of their own as to how their names evolved. Urdaneta differs.

The Purists maintain that since the Spanish root word was organo, the correct name should have been "Organists". On the other hand, the Theorists are of the opinion that the original name of the city was "Organeta" meaning "little organ or unit" considering that at that time, the place was composed of portions of barrios of adjacent towns where travelers and traders converged.

But the next issue that bewildered the concerned groups was whether the city was named after Fr. Andres Urdaneta or Fr. Simon de Urdaneta. While the archives of the National Library show that it was after Fr. Miguel de Urdaneta, some articles on the city's history envariably reffered to Fr. Simon de Urdaneta. Curiously noted historian Fr. Jose Ma. Gonzalez, author of "Labor Evangelica y Civilizadora delos Religioso en Pangasinan", was silent in this issue.

Creation of the City

On January 10, 1998, the Philippine Congress enacted and passed R.A. 8480 converting the Municipality of Urdaneta as a component city of the Province of Pangasinan. The electorate in a plebiscite overwhelmingly ratified this legislative act and the locality was proclaimed as a city on March 21, 1998.


Most commercial establishments in Urdaneta such as large department and variety stores, business and professional offices, hotels and theaters are found in brgy's Poblacion, Nancayasan and San Vicente. There are also food chains such as Jollibee, McDonald's, Cindys, Shakeys, Chowking and KFC. And offices of multinational companies, among which are those of Coca-Cola Phils., Pepsi-Cola, San Miguel Corp. and Nestle products. There are also malls in the city such as Magic mall and CB mall. SM Prime Holdings want also to put up a mall in the city.


  • Anonas N H S
  • Bactad East N H S
  • Badipa N H S
  • Cabaruan N H S
  • Cabuloan N H S
  • Camabu N H S
  • Camantiles N H S
  • Casabula N H S
  • Catablan N H S
  • Cayambanan N H S
  • Don Antonio Bongolan N H S
  • Don Mariano Q. Umipig N H S
  • Labit N H S
  • Lananpin N H S
  • Nancalobasaan N H S
  • Palina East N H S
  • Palina West N H S
  • Pedro T. Orata N H S
  • Urdaneta City N H S
  • Sisonand Aruego Colleges
  • St. Andrew Montessori School
  • St. Francisof Urdaneta
  • St. Matthew Montessori School
  • St. Paul Christian Center
  • Tender Loving Care School
  • Urdaneta High School
  • Urdaneta School Of Commerce
  • Child Devt. Centerof Urdaneta Inc.
  • Divine Grace Montessori School
  • Homeschooled in City Of Urdaneta
  • Immaculate Heart Learning Center
  • Maranatha Christian Academy
  • Merry Land M S, Inc.
  • Metropolitan International Christian Academy
  • Michelli Maries M S
  • Mother Goose Spec. Science High School, Inc.
  • Motherof Graceof Urdaneta Inc.
  • Loving Heart Christian School
  • Lyceum Northern Luzon High School
  • North Woods Academy
  • Our Lady of the Lilies Academy
  • Travis Middle School

Urdaneta city has more elementary schools and more high schools than any other cities and towns in Pangasinan. The city is a center of education in Eastern Pangasinan due to numerous tertiary institution, including:

  • Lyceum Northwestern University
  • Lyceum Northern Luzon
  • City College of Urdaneta (now Urdaneta City University)
  • Pangasinan College of Science and Technology
  • Urdaneta College of Technology
  • Divine Word College of Urdaneta
  • Pangasinan State University http://www.psu.edu.ph
  • STI-Urdaneta
  • AMA-Urdaneta
  • ABE-International College of Business and Economics

Urdaneta City also has a preparatory school, Newton Study Center, to prepare students from Northern Luzon in taking up college admission exams.

Notable Persons

  • Dr. Pedro T. Orata - ORATA was born in Bangar, a remote sitio (section) of Barrio (village) Bactad, Urdaneta, in northern Pangasinan Province of the Philippines, on February 27, 1899. He was a Magsaysay Awardee and dubbed as the Father of barangay High Schools.
  • Danny Ildefonso - PBA player and two time MVP.

Urdaneta tops in finances

Urdaneta City is now the cream of the crop. Based on the financial report released by the Commission on Audit for 2005, Urdaneta City is now the leading city not only in Pangasinan but in the Ilocos region in terms of net income, gross income, total assets and total equity. The COA report showed Urdaneta reported a net income of P132,107,000 with a gross income of P382,699,000 and expenses amounting to P250,582,000, considered only as the third highest among eight cities in the region. Urdaneta, which won its cityhood only in March 1998, had the highest total assets among all the region’s cities totaling P810,722,000, registering total equity of P693,166,000 with total liabilities of P117,546,000, among the lowest in the region so far.

In contrast, Dagupan the oldest city in Region 1 had the lowest net income among in the province and among eight Ilocos cities at P18,901,000, according to the COA financial report. Dagupan, however, registered the second highest total income at P357,404,000 but the report showed it is also the biggest spender among all eight cities, registering total expenditure amounting to P338,503,000 in 2005.

Urdaneta and Dagupan City are the only second class cities in the Northwestern Luzon region today. But Urdaneta’s rise to second class from fourth class when it earned its city hood eight years ago is considered phenomenal.

Dagupan trails Urdaneta in total assets at P713,760,000 but again it registered the highest total liabilities among all cities in the region at P372,420,000, placing its total equity to P341,340,000.


Urdaneta City is politically subdivided into 34 barangays.

  • Anonas
  • Bactad East
  • Bayaoas
  • Bolaoen
  • Cabaruan
  • Cabuloan
  • Camanang
  • Camantiles
  • Casantaan
  • Catablan
  • Cayambanan
  • Consolacion
  • Dilan Paurido
  • Labit Proper
  • Labit West
  • Mabanogbog
  • Macalong
  • Nancalobasaan
  • Nancamaliran East
  • Nancamaliran West
  • Nancayasan
  • Oltama
  • Palina East
  • Palina West
  • Pedro T. Orata/ Bactad Proper
  • Pinmaludpod
  • Poblacion
  • San Jose
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Lucia
  • Santo Domingo
  • Sugcong
  • Tipuso
  • Tulong

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