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Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English 1956 to 1972 is an anthological short stories edited by Gemino H. Abad. This historical anthology of short fiction was the continuation of the three-volume of Prof. Leopoldo Y. Yabes short fiction in English from 1925 to 1955, Philippine Short Stories (1981). It was published in University of the Philippines Press on 2008.

About the Book

This two-volume historical anthology of our short stories in English bears the title, Upon Our Own Ground, as to say: This is how we Filipinos live, this is the way we think and feel about our reality, our world. We stand upon our own ground; we shall endure.

The two volumes are one whole: a kind of tapestry or kaleidoscope - various patterns and pictorial designs, so to speak, depicting rural and urban landscapes; the common tao - fishermen, farmers, jeepney drivers, squatters, beggars, neighborhood toughies; the middle class and the elite or upper class (landowners, teachers, politicians); the cultural or ethnic minority (Igorot, Mangyan, Tausug; the Chinese); old and lonely people, social outcasts (the town idiot); supernatural beings (fairies, ogres, ghosts); lovers and children; social gatherings and festivities (fiestas, processions, carnivals, rallies); War (the Revolution against Spain, the Filipino-American War, the Japanese Occupation) and death.


Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English 1956 to 1972. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 2008.



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