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The University of the Philippines Baguio (U.P. Baguio) is a premier institution of higher learning, research, and extension service in the Philippines and Asia. UP Baguio serves as a "beacon of light" bringing to Northern and Central Luzon and the other parts of the country the benefit of liberal education for which U.P. is famous for. UPB is committed to leading the region in setting academic standards, and serving as a leader in public service and responsible citizenship, and the enhancement of national identity. 175px


Established through the initiative of the UP alumni in Baguio and Benguet, the University of the Philippines in Baguio was inaugurated as a degree-granting unit of the University on April 22, 1961. A land grant worked out by alumni, the City Council, and by then UP President Vicente Cinco situated the College on its present location, a pine clad hill offering a panoramic view of Baguio.

The College went on to make its presence felt as it served as the site of National Arts Festivals in the coming years. Moves were made to strengthen its research capabilities, culminating in the institution of the Cordillera Studies Center in 1983. Directions toward autonomy began with strategic planning in 1996. The following years saw the College working assiduously in the reformulation and strengthening of its academic programs, primarily. Administration of the College likewise oversaw the development in infrastructure and improvement of services and facilities.

Such growth led to the elevation of UP College Baguio to full autonomous status, granted by the Board of Regents in December 2002.

UP Baguio is one of the fastest growing constituent universities of the University of the Philippines System in terms of curricular and infrastructure development. Currently, UPB operates five academic units, namely, the College of Arts and Communication, College of Science, College of Social Sciences, Institute of Management, and Program in Human Kinetics. The colleges are headed by their respective deans, the Institute of Management by a director, and the Program in Human Kinetics by a coordinator.

As of 2001, the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines has identified 3 National Centers of Excellence/Development (COEs/CODs) in UP Baguio. The COEs/CODs in the University are Biology, Mathematics, and Physics.

Vision and Mission

UP Baguio remains at the forefront of the academic community in Northern Luzon, guided by the principles of scholastic excellence, academic freedom, nationalism and social responsibility. As articulated in its vision paper of 2002, UP Baguio continues ” nurture and develop innovative programs in the arts and sciences. It will also continue to develop the niche it has created over the past decades in Cordillera Studies.” UP Baguio has indeed created an impact in the region by informing its curricular, research and extension service programs with a regional perspective without losing track of national and global contexts.

UP Baguio Oblation

Colleges and Degree Granting Units



Template:Col-break COLLEGE OF SCIENCE (CS)

  • Department of Biology
    • Discipline of Biology
    • Northern Luzon Herbarium
  • Department of Physical Sciences
  • Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    • Discipline of Mathematics
    • Discipline of Computer Science
  • Summer Institute for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (SINSM)
  • Graduate Program in Mathematics



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  • Discipline of Management
  • Program in Management Economics
  • Graduate Program in Management


  • Discipline of Physical Education
  • Diploma Program in Physical Education
  • Service Physical Education Program


UPB (Iskolar ng Bayan Hall) Administration Hall Lobby

Academic programs


+ choice of minor in one of these three areas (Broadcast Communication, Journalism, or Speech Communication) ++ UPCAT qualifiers must pass a talent test +++ choice of minor one of the following: Philosophy, Political Science or Psychology



  • MA Language and Literature (English)
  • MA Language and Literature (Filipino)
  • M Management
  • MS Mathematics
  • MA Social and Development Studies (Social Anthropology)
  • MA Social and Development Studies (Economics)
  • MA Social and Development Studies (History)
  • MA Social and Development Studies (Area Studies)
Oblation through the mist


The research arm of UP Baguio is the Cordillera Studies Center (CSC), internationally known for its excellent record in ethnic and interdisciplinary research programs. Faculty workgroups now undertake research on the following themes: local literature, natural products and biodiversity, environmental management, urban studies, local governance and developments, and ethnic studies.

UP Baguio supports extensive regional, national and international linkages for collaborative research and publication projects as well as scholarly exchange through the initiatives of CSC and the colleges. Its social science research program aims at comprehensive and in-depth understanding of regional communities, and provides input to policy and planning in areas such as local autonomy and natural resource management. Its contributions to basic research in the natural sciences explore new theoretical directions and practical applications, highlight innovative technologies, and build on indigenous mathematical as well as biological knowledge systems. One of the major scientific research thrusts of the University is environmental benchmark data generation and monitoring in the Cordillera and Northern Luzon. In the field of humanities, a research program is ongoing for the retrieval, annotation and translation of extant Cordillera and Northern Philippine Literatures. Researches in the management sciences have focused on autonomy, entrepreneurship, women and health among others. Researches in physical education include studies on physical education principles and actual practices of players, coaches and students especially in the highlands.


  • Cordillera Studies Center (CSC) - The University's Main Research Unit
  • Social Science Research and Extension Institute (SSREI) - research and extension unit of the College of Social Sciences
  • Sentro ng Wikang Filipino (SWF) - research unit of the College of Arts and Communication
  • Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives - repository of valuable historical Northern Luzon/Cordillera materials
  • UP Baguio Northern Luzon Herbarium - botanical museum
  • Gender Studies Program (KASARIAN)
  • Galerya Kordilyera - art and cultural museum
  • Institute of Management (IM)
”Inang Laya”: Statue of Alma Mater

Extension Service

The spirit of volunteerism has been nurtured in the University with the institution of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod programs and the extension service rendered by faculty and students to groups and institutions based in the region.

Among the Pahinungod's ongoing projects are the Affirmative Action program, Gurong Pahinungod, scholarships for Badeo, Kibungan recipients, and tutorials for working children in Baguio, in coordination with the DSWD. The Ugnayan has also led an onsite investigation on the effects of mine tailings impoundment and disposal on communities and the environment along the Abra River. It has also planned the implementation of the National Service Training Program (NSTP) to identify regional needs.

The Gender Studies Program, also known as KASARIAN, conducts trainings for clientele groups and is doing research on gender-based knowledge, health attitudes and practices among selected Cordillera groups. UP Baguio, through its Committee on Culture and the Arts (CCA), has sponsored yearly Baguio Summer Arts Festivals featuring lectures, art and craft workshops, exhibits and performances. The Sentro ng Wikang Filipino (SWF) is involved in book reviews, translations, oral interpretation and sponsorship of lectures.

The College of Science offers the Summer Institute in Natural Sciences and Mathematics for teachers and researchers, and agency personnel from various institutions in Northern Luzon. The College of Social Sciences also offers the Social Science Research and Extension Institute, covering courses in quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques, social science concepts and research methodologies, among others. The College of Arts and Communication through it's Summer Arts Extension Program and Cordillera Creative Writing Workshop offers visual, literary and teacher-training workshops. The Institute of Management regularly conducts seminar-workshops in management leadership, human resource development, statistics, accounting systems, financial resource management, and logistics management, among others. The HKP program engages in researches on physical education principles and practices of players, coaches and students especially in the Cordillera region. Through its various extension activities, the HKP program assists in the training of teachers in the region on how to handle courses in physical education, sports, Philippine games and dances. It also serves the needs of teachers and coaches in the region for high-altitude training.


  • Summer Institute for Natural Sciences and Mathematics (SINSM) - research and extension unit of the College of Science
  • Summer Arts Extension Program (SAEP) - extension unit of the College of Arts and Communication
  • Cordillera Creative Writing Workshop
  • Social Science Research and Extension Institute (SSREI) - extension unit of the College of Social Sciences
  • Committee on Culture and The Arts
  • Ugnayan ng Pahinungod
  • Institute of Management (IM)
  • Human Kinetics Program Extension Service (HKP)

UP Baguio Facts and Figures

  • UP Baguio is the UP System's standard-bearer in Northern Luzon. It has established its niche in Cordillera Studies (Northern Luzon Studies). The university specializes in ethnic and interdisciplinary research particularly in the fields of indigenous arts (communication and visual arts, language and literature), ethnolinguistics, ethnoscience (ethnobotany and ethnomathematics), biodiversity conservation and environmental studies, social and cultural development, local and regional governance, and public policy.
  • The Cordillera Studies Center (CSC), the University Research Center of UP Baguio is internationally known for its excellent record in ethnic and interdisciplinary research programs. Researchers and scholars all over the world go to UPB-CSC for intellectual support and consultation. The university has established linkages and publication exchange with other institutions globally through the CSC.
  • UPB has been awarded by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as "Best University in the Philippines in Student Welfare Program (Special Needs Services)"
  • UP Baguio is one of the Top Arts and Sciences Universities in the Philippines and Asia, duly noted for its Excellent Academic Standards and well preserved Student-Faculty Ratio.
  • UP Baguio is the North’s Recognized Forerunner in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, having been declared by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) a National Center of Development for Excellence in Mathematics, Physics, and Biology and a CHED delivering institution for the Higher Education Program-Faculty Development Program for its MS Mathematics program. UPB is the only institution of higher learning in Northern Luzon recognized as a National CHED Center in all it's basic science programs thereby making it the Top Science University of the North.
  • UPB is also Northern Luzon's Leading Institution in Social Science Instruction, Research and Extension, for its diverse and top-of-the-line course offerings in the fields of Management Economics and Social Anthropology, Social Economics, History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Social and Development Studies. It has established itself as an authority in public policy, management studies, environmental, ethnicity, and social issues.
  • UPB is likewise a Northern Luzon and National Center for the Arts and Humanities. The university is home to some of the Country's Best Poets, Writers, Journalists, and Visual Artists. It prides itself on its Strong Educational Foundation in the fields of Fine Arts, Journalism, Media Studies, Communication and Literature and Language Studies.

(see List of Notable UP Baguio People)

  • UPB is also a delivering institution of the Commission on Higher Education Faculty Development Program (CHED-FDP) through its MA Language and Literature, MA Social and Development Studies, and Master in Management programs
  • UPB is the only university in the Philippines that offers a Specialized Undergraduate Program in Social Anthropology and Management Economics and the only university in Northern Luzon that cultivates higher learning in Physics, Fine Arts, Visual Communication, Journalism, Broadcast Communication, Speech Communication, Literature, Ethnicity Studies, History and Development Studies
  • UPB is the only university in Northern Luzon that offers graduate programs in Mathematics and Language and Literature, and the only university in the Philippines that offers the MA Social and Development Studies Program
  • The institutional history of UP Baguio traces its roots at the UP Junior College in Vigan, Ilocos Sur in 1922 which was eventually relocated to Baguio before World War II.
  • The UP unit in Baguio was one of the first 3 regional units together with Cebu and the School of Agriculture in Los Banos. Administrative offices of UP and these regional units were all housed in the Diliman campus. General commencement exercises were also held in Diliman.

List of Notable UP Baguio People


  • Angel Aquino - Actress, Television Host and Model
  • Kidlat Tahimik (Eric de Guia) - Multi-Awarded Filmmaker, Writer, and Performance Artist, Winner, Best Third World Film at Mannheim Film Festival, International Critics Awardee, Berlin Film Festival
  • Zorayda Ruth Andam - Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2001, Lawyer
  • Gary Granada - Protest Musician, multi-awarded Composer, Song of the Year Awardee Metropop Music Festival
  • Grace Nono - Music Artist, Ethnomusicologist, Cultural Activist and Teacher known for her contemporary interpretations of Philippine traditional music
  • Manny Palo - Movie and TV Director and Screenwriter.
  • Adelle "Ace" Cruz - TV Producer-FAMAS 2005 ABS-CBN, Event Organizer, Movie Director, Screenwriter, Editor-In-Chief, RedLogos Publishing
  • Joyce Bernal - Movie Director, Editor
  • Karen Navarette-Anton - TV Host/Commercial model, Award-winning Athlete, Dancer, and Dance teacher, Journalist - Sun Star, Outstanding Citizen of Baguio Awardee for 2010
  • Susan Tagle - Movie Producer, Production Manager
  • Leonora Fe Brawner - Baguio Centennial Awardee for Sports Development. Member of the executive board of the Philippine Olympic Committee and president of the National Archery Association of the Philippines
  • Carlos Anton - Multi-titled National Car Racing Champion, "2002 Baguio Outstanding Citizen Awardee for Sports"
  • Joana Yasol-Vicente - Gold Medalist, 5th Wushu International Championship, Gawad Kinetika Awardee, Secretary General of the Wushu Federation of the Philippines-CAR


  • Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab)- National Artist for Visual Arts, Founder of the Baguio Arts Guild
  • Ma. Luisa Aguilar Igloria- Eleven-time recipient (Hall-of Fame) of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature, author of various award-winning anthologies, Professor of Creative Writing and Director of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  • Francis “Butch” Macansantos - Multi-Awarded Poet, Composer, Palanca Literary Award veteran
  • Santiago Bose- internationally known Painter, Installation Artist, and Art critic
  • Cesar Ruiz Aquino- Filipino Poet and Fictionist, Carlos Palanca Memorial Awardee for poetry and short fiction, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award from the Writers' Union of the Philippines, named “National Fellow for Poetry” by the UP Institute of Creative Writing
  • Nonilon Queaño - Multi-Awarded Poet and Playwright, Master Musician
  • Pia Arboleda - Creative Writer
  • Delfin Tolentino - Distinguished Researcher/Writer of Cultural Criticism, Gawad Pambansang Balagtas Awardee (Lifetime Achievement Award in Philippine Literature), recipient of President’s Award for Outstanding Publication
  • Babeth Lolarga - Writer-Editor
  • Lilia Quindoza Santiago - Prize-Winning Poet/Critic
  • Rafael Chan - Architect/Environmental Planner, Outstanding Citizen of Baguio 2004, United Architects of the Philippines Fellow for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Design and R.C.Silvestre Memorial Awardee
  • Mary Anne Licudine - Visual Artist and Author, Winner of National Book Award for Children’s Literature by the Manila Critics Circle, Grand Winner, Philippine Board on Book for Young People (PBBY)-Alcala Illustrator’s Prize


  • Christine Bersola - Broadcast Journalist, Television Host and Actress
  • Julius Babao - Reporter, News Anchor
  • Angelo Castro - Award-winning Newscaster
  • Mio Siojo - Producer, ABS-CBN Teleseryes
  • Rommel Lubguban - Editor and Broadcast Producer, GMA
  • Maricar Datuin-Maquinto - News Reporter, ABS-CBN
  • Gerry Evangelista - Baguio Press Club President and Northern profile Publisher/Editor
  • Vincent Cabreza - Newsman, Journalist, Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Desiree Caluza - Journalist, Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Rolando Fernandez - Journalist, Professor of Journalism, Bureau Chief of the Northern Luzon Bureau of the Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Erwin Oliva - Journalist, Tech Reporter in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, DOST award winner for online journalism 2002, 2003 & 2004.
  • Sheryll Saupan-Pacer - Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PR)
  • Dazzelyn Baltazar Zapata - Researcher, Presidential Grant Fellow (PGF) at the National University of Singapore
  • Mylce Mella - News Reporter,ABS-CBN


  • Dr. Henry Ramos - Internationally recognized Scientist/Inventor, First Filipino Plasma Physicist, PCASTRD Awardee (1st prize) for Outstanding Research and Development, Professor and Coordinator of the Plasma Physics Laboratory at the National Institute of Physics, UP Diliman
  • Dr. Elsie Jimenez - DOST Scientist Rank Awardee, Multi-Awarded Molecular Biologist/Biochemist - National Research Council of the Philippines Achievement Award for Chemical Sciences, Best Researcher - Philippine Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, CHED Republica Award for Natural Sciences, UP International Publication Awards
  • Leonard Co - Internationally renowned Botanist, Taxonomist and Environmentalist
  • Dr. Priscilla Supnet-Macansantos - Award-winning Mathematician and Poet, Palanca Awardee, Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Baguio
  • Dr. Miriam Pascua - DOST Scientist Rank Awardee, President, Mariano Marcos State University, Agriculturist (Plant Breeding and Entomology), Department of Science and Technology.
  • Frederick Delfin - PCASTRD Awardee for Outstanding R&D, Outstanding Dissertation Category, Molecular Biologist/Biotechnologist at the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in UP Diliman
  • Dr. Alipio Garcia - Physicist, 2008 DOST-Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development (PCASTRD) Awardee in Materials Science, 2009 CHED Republica Awardee, UPB Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Thucydides Salunga - Neurophysiologist, 2003 International Awardee, Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science
  • Dr. Mario Imson - leading Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Physician, Chairman, Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science.
  • Dr. Jimmy Cabfit - Physician/Surgeon, Professional and Medical Staff Chief of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center; Outstanding Citizen of Mountain Province Awardee
  • Engr. Joselito Buhangin - expert Urban and Regional Planner, Civil Engineer
  • Dr. Ronnie Calugay - Science Writer, Microbiologist at the Tokyo University, post doc fellow at the University of Berkeley in California


  • Marquez "Mark" Go - Former National President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), 2008 Outstanding Citizen of Baguio, Founder/President and Chairman of the Board of the Berkeley School, District Representative of Baguio City (House of Representatives)
  • Soledad Jotic-Go - Entrepreneur and Founder, Berkeley School
  • Marian Catedral - Corporate Affairs Manager, Caltex Philippines
  • Evangeline Kim Cuenco - Urban and Regional Planner, Senior Operations Officer World Bank
  • Michael Del Rosario - Renowned Baguio Businessman
  • Eric Picart - Baguio Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Lorelei Mendoza - Economist, Researcher CHED Republica Awardee, Former Dean of the UPB College of Social Sciences
  • Arturo Boquiren - Environmental/Development Economist
  • Atty. Romeo Ibarra - Lawyer, Vice-President, Far East Bank
  • Evangeline Kim Cuenco - Urban and Regional Planner, Senior Operations Officer World Bank
  • Edgardo Nevada - Baguio Entrepreneur


  • Judge Reynaldo Alhambra - Manila Regional Trial Court Judge
  • Atty. Ma. Clarita Tabin - Distinguished Lawyer, Justice Jose P. Laurel Awardee for Judicial Excellence as Outstanding Public Attorney, Most Outstanding Citizen of Baguio for Public Service, UP Alumni Association Community Service Awardee
  • Atty. Fernando Pamintuan - Distinguished Lawyer, President of the UP Baguio Alumni Association
  • Dr. Myrna Cabotaje - Department of Health Regional Director for the Cordillera Administrative Region
  • Atty. Guerrero Cirilo - Department of Labor and Employment Regional Director for Region I
  • Sr. Supt. Isagani Nerez - chief of the Police Anti-Crime and Emergency Response (PACER)
  • Oscar Cadelina - Former Dean of the UP College Baguio, Director of the Department of Agriculture-Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resources Management (CHARM) Project
  • Jose Rapanut - Department of Interior and Local Government City Director of Baguio
  • Crisolito Pascual - Justice of the Court of Appeals, Distinguished Lawyer, Former Dean of the UP College Baguio, Former Director of the UP Law Centre
  • Helen Monta - Chief Probation and Parole Officer, Benguet Parole and Probation Office
  • Benedicto Alhambra - City Administrator of the Baguio City Tourism Office
  • Atty Gloria Agunos - President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Baguio-Benguet Chapter


  • Felixberto C. Sta. Maria - Noted Educator and Author, Former President of PAASCU, FAAP, PACU-COA and Dean of the then UP College Baguio, Founder of the Ateneo's University Press and Former President of the Far Eastern University
  • Dr. Dionisia Rola - Former Dean of UP College Baguio and Chancellor of UP Visayas, 2010 Lifetime Achievement Awardee of the UP Alumni Association
  • Navy Lieutenant Arlene Dela Cruz - First Woman to hold the Highest Distinction in the Philippine Military Academy (Class Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude)
  • Dr. Vidal Tan - Chairman Emeritus of UNESCO, Former President of the University of the Philippines, First Dean of the then UP College Baguio
  • Dr. Erlinda Caster-Palaganas - Former Governor and Board Secretary of the Philippine Nurses Association, U.P. Foundation Professorial Chair Awardee, Director of the Institute of Management of UP Baguio, Chairperson of the Board of Health Action and Information Network
  • Dr. Nelia Cauilan - Cagayan State University Dean of the Graduate School/College of Public Administration and Faculty Regent
  • Constancia Cardenas - Educator, Head of the Baguio City Science Foundation
  • Benjamin Luis - UP Alumni Association Presidential Awardee, one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines-CAR
  • Atty. Nimreh Calde - Lawyer/Political Scientist, one of Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines-CAR (TOSP-CAR)
  • Osmundo Corpuz - School Director, ABE International College of Business And Accountancy
  • Dr. Zenaida Baoanan - Biologist, Consultant and Former President of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature
  • James Balao - Activist for Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Founding Member of Cordillera Peoples' Alliance
  • Voltaire Tupaz - Secretary General of Tongtongan Ti Umili
  • Dr. Peter Payoyo - Vice-Chairman of the International Committee on Seafarers Welfare
  • Charisse Anne Lumanlan - one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines(TOSP-CAR)
  • Jahzeel Abihail Cruz - First Summa Cum Laude of the University of the Philippines Baguio


  • Dr. June Prill-Brett - Internationally-known Anthropologist and Researcher, author of "Traditions and Transformations: Studies on Cordillera Indigenous Culture" (Winner of Best Book in the Social Sciences, 35th National Book Awards, 2016), (Professor Emeritus at UP Baguio)
  • Dr. Ma Nela Florendo - Historian, Former UPB Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Board of Directors, Philippine Fulbright Scholars Association (PFSA), 2015 Outstanding Citizen of Baguio Awardee
  • Dr. Steven Rood - Political Scientist, Author of a number of works in Filipino Politics, Asia Foundation’s Country representative for the Philippines and the Pacific Island Nations, Regional Advisor for Local Governance
  • Dr. Raymundo Rovillos - Historian, Research Coordinator of Tebtebba Foundation Inc., Philippines, Chancellor of UP Baguio
  • Dr. Rowena Reyes-Boquiren - Historian, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Foundation for the Philippine Environment, Board of Directors, Asosasyon ng mga Dalubhasa, May Hilig at Interes sa Kasaysayan (ADHIKA)
  • Dr. Julius Mendoza - Philosopher, Former Faculty Regent of the UP System
  • Dr. Josefina Natividad - Demographer, Professor at the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Dr. Athena Lydia Casambre- Political Scientist, Professor at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman
  • Prof. Jessica Carino - Anthropologist, Social Scientist, UPB Vice Chancellor for Administration
  • Padmapani L. Perez - Environmental Anthropologist/Researcher, Poet and Journalist

Buildings and Venues in the Campus


  • UPB Oblation, Oblation Plaza
  • Administration Complex (Iskolar ng Bayan Hall): houses the Office of the Chancellor, Office of the University Registrar, administrative and faculty offices, classrooms, computer laboratories, records and conference rooms, and a multi-purpose hall
  • UPB Administration Hall Annex
  • UPB Gymnasium/Human Kinetics Complex: consists of a gym, covered court for archery, volley-ball, lawn tennis and basketball players doing clinics and seminars on the game, table tennis area, weight room, “combat” room, dance hall, a faculty room, dressing rooms for faculty and students, a storage room and lockers.
  • University Auditorium (Bulwagang Juan Luna): main venue for various conferences and fora, also houses offices and classrooms
  • UPB Student-Alumni Complex (Abraham F. Sarmiento Hall): venue for student activities, houses the offices of the Student Council, the Outcrop student publication, and Council of Leaders, Office of Student Affairs, a multi-purpose hall, The Alumni Center, a lounge and conference area.
  • Institute of Management Building (Isabelo De Los Reyes Hall): houses department offices, classrooms, The University Cashier Office, HRDO and Property Office
  • IM Plaza: the area serves as a “multi-purpose space” which can be used as the venue for a variety of activities and outdoor performances
  • College of Science Complex: houses department offices and faculty rooms, AVR/conference rooms, a graduate reading room, and biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science laboratories and classrooms
  • UPB Northern Luzon Herbarium


  • College of Social Sciences-Cordillera Studies Center Complex: houses the College of Social Sciences (social anthropology, psychology, economics, political science, philosophy, and history department offices, faculty rooms, classrooms, and laboratories), a computer laboratory and graduate reading room, the Social Science Research and Extension Institute, the Cordillera Studies Center, Learning Resource Center, Interactive Learning Center and the UP Open University-UPB Office.
  • College of Arts and Communication Building: houses department offices and faculty rooms, a graduate reading room, classrooms for English, Filipino, literature, journalism, broadcast communication, speech communication, and fine arts, and broadcast communication, speech communication and media studies laboratories.
  • Fine Arts Department Building: houses classrooms, and fine arts/visual arts laboratories
  • Balay Salun-at: UPB Health Service (University Medical/Dental Clinic), UPB Guidance and Counseling Office
  • University Cafeteria Complex/Food Center
  • Program for Indigenous People (PIC) Building
  • Galerya Kordilyera: exhibits an envisioned art collection, also houses offices
  • University Main Library Complex: Reserve Collection, Circulation Section, Filipiniana Collection
  • UPB Library Annex Building
  • Cordillera Studies Center Library
  • UPB Archives
  • Inang Laya (statue of alma mater)
  • UP Walk-Up Residence Hall: Faculty, Staff, and Student Housing Complex
  • UP Baguio Residence Hall Association (UP BREHA): Ladies' Dormitory Complex
  • Student Dormitory (soon)
  • Multi-Purpose Court (basketball, lawn tennis, and other sports)
  • UPB Archery Range
  • Kiosks/Tambayan, Pond, Woods (mini park)
  • UP Baguio Multi-Purpose Cooperative


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