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The Universidad Literaria de Filipinas or (Literary University of the Philippines) was established on October 19, 1898 by former President Emilio Aguinaldo. The teachings included Civil and Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy and studies pertaining to the Notarial profession.


During the Spanish era, out of the eight-million Philippine population only less than half a million knew how to speak, read or write. It was also during this time that education was limited only to the children of the Spaniards, the well-to-do and the wards of the friars. Due to this deprivation of education, revolutionary leaders yearned to uphold an education system among Filipinos with the belief that education plays a vital role in nation building. Thus, the Literary University of the Philippines was instituted on October 19, 1898 under the leadership of General Emilio Aguinaldo. Mariano Crisostomo and Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez were secretary-general and rector of the university respectively.

Faculty Members

Civil, Criminal and Adminstrative Law

Medicine and Surgery


Notarial Studies




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