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UP Student Catholic Action UPSCA is an organization of University of the Philippines students who provides individuals a formation rooted on Catholic Faith and Social Action.


  • to form a Filipino Christian community founded on TRUTH
  • to work for FREEDOM, towards a society where everybody has the right to choose their course of action
  • to work for JUSTICE, towards a society wherein respect is defended.
  • to spread LOVE, so that human beings reach out to one another in the service of man for the glory of God.

UPSCA-Los Banos

Student Catholic Action at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos (UPSCA-LB) is based at St. Therese Chapel, Los Banos. From the 1960s to the present, UPSCA-LB was guided by the principles of "Theology of Liberation".Pmcalara 18:00, 27 August 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

UPSCA-LB preamble

Founding years

In one of the Alumni meeting it was reported that in 1948, Fr. Delaney was already visiting UPLB and was talking with a group of Students. No one knew if UPSCA-LB was organized in that year. It was also in 1948 that SCAns in Manila were re-organizing after the Americans re-occupied the Philippines in 1945.

The first president was Dr. Rogelio Cuyno (???) in the 1950s.

According to Dr. Rogelio V. Cuyno (batch '56), Fr. Delaney died sometime in 1957 or 1958; and by that time, UPSCA-LB was already at least five years in existence. So technically, UPSCA-LB might have been founded in 1952.

1980s-1990s debate experience

In the first quarter of 1984, UPSCA-LB was in the UPLB student debate championship with Noli Alparce, Von Vargas(?), Jessica Trinidad as members. They were in the affirmative side to defend the Marcos regime its actions and its Programs. Since Marcos was unpopular at that time, The UPSCA debating team did not want to defend Marcos in Public but they were ready with their speaches, debate strategies, and letter to the Public.

'The controversial UPLB upsca debate letter of February 1984'

The topic of the UPLB debate Championship was: the Filipino People Defend Marcos. UPSCA was at the affirmative side. It was unpopular at that time that UPSCA-LB, out of principle did want to "Defend Marcos" in a Public gathering. They wrote the Organizers and asked if they could publicly read their letter. Although they were not given permission, the UPLB Perspective, In its March 1984 issue, pulished the letter. The title of the UPLB perspective article was "UPSCA: We will not Defend Marcos."--Pmcalara 12:45, 9 September 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

Debate Hall of Famer

UPLB Debate Champions, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990(?) (undefeated). UPSCA was not allowed to compete for three years as the University Depate Organizer, having been a champion for five years, declared the organization as A "Hall of Famer."

UPSCA debating team, representing UPLB, Joined the Carleton International Debate Tournament in the US on 13-18 January, 1989 finishing 23 out of 40 Teams. The team won 3 out of 6 debates. The team was composed of Francis De Los Reyes, Maricor De Leoz, and Lorie Santos. Apo Lantican Acted as the Teams coach. IN the Public speaking contest, Francis De Los Reyes made it 8th overall.

The team had difficulty adjusting to the parliamentary style of debating. They were used to the Oxford-Oregon type of debate. They style of UPLB and Philippine student debate contests. --Pmcalara 08:55, 5 September 2007 (Taipei Standard Time)

Himigsikan Experience

Winning Songs:

  • Bahay Kubo, by Monie nolasco (First place, 1978).
  • Los Banos, by Monie Nolasco (Second place, 1979).
  • Ito ang Panimula by Monie Nolasco
  • Lumakad Ka, by Monie Nolasco
  • Kabataan
  • O Lakas ng Masa, by Monie Nolasco (2nd Place, 1986)
  • Sampaguita, by Lito Naldo (lyrics) & Kuriyama Atsushi (melody), dedicated to Agnes Garcia (2nd place, 1999)

original himigsikan song lyrics


Pawid na bilangguan, bihag na pangarap Ni wala mang simoy ng hanging malaya Kahit na isang bituin ay walang masilip Sa loob ng aking bilangguang pawid.

Gutom na mga bata, uhaw na pangarap Himlay ka sa kandungan ng pulubing ina Di na maiwika ang nasang lumaya Kaya't awit kong ito's dinggin mo sana.

KORO: Bilanggo kang tulad kong nabihag ng kahapon Sa loob ng iyong munting bahay kubo Maaring di sa pawid marahil sa ginto Ba't di ka tumayo at dinggin ang pagsuyo ng awit kong Awit ng buhay mo.


I. Alam kong di sapat ang isang kandila sa gabi. Na ilawan ang landas ng isang minimithi.

II. Isang patak ng ulan di makalilikha ng dagat. Wari'y dadampi lamang sa uhaw na lupa.

III. At yaring buhay ko kayamanang kaisa-isa. Handa ko mang ialay 'to, makasasapat kaya?

KORO: Kaibigan kahit ka nag-iisa, kung tapat sa hangarin, tagumpay ay kakamtim. Kaibigan, sanlibong milyang paglalakbay iyong dapat tandaan nagmumula sa isang hakbang. Oooh oooh oooh oooh..... oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh.

IV. At yaring buhay ko, kayamanang kaisa-isa. Handa ko nang ialay ito. Ito ang panimula.

(Repeat KORO)


Hapung-hapo na ba o kasama? At ang nais mo ba'y sumuko na? Iyong tandaan lamang Sana hangga't may buhay pa Ay may pag-asa Lumakad ka.

KORO: Lumakad ka, sige na, Lumakad ka (sige na, sige na). Isipin mo ang nasimulang pangarap. Hanggang sa tayong dalawa’y Magkatagpo at magsama Lumakad ka umaasang Tayong dalawa'y magkikita.

Wild bunch

Wild Bunch is the name coined by a composite team UPSCA and Espaleklek Fraternity members who joined the University Rodeo in the 1970s; Wild Bunch was Rodeo champion in 1976 when Ping Buenaventura was the President of UPSCA. Butch Nadal was the team captain when it bagged the first place for the first time. I'll try to see if I can find some pictures.


  • Rogelio Cuyno, 1958
  • Panfilo Tabora, 1959
  • Vic Ladlad, 1970-1971(?)
  • Ernie Baclig, 1972-73
  • Manny Casanova, 1974
  • Marie Jopson, 1975-76
  • Jose 'Ping' Buenaventura, 1976
  • Willy Torralba
  • Virgie Laude
  • Mae Segurra
  • Noli Alparce, 1981-83
  • Offie Amalves,
  • Jessica Trinidad, 1984-1985
  • Bing Rufo, 1985-86
  • Lito Naldo, 1986-87 (?)
  • Francis de los Reyes, 1987-89
  • Ronald Villeno, 1990-91
  • Liza Real, 1991-92
  • Carlos Catabas, 1992-93
  • Fiorella de los Reyes, 1993-94
  • Angelo Clavecillas, 1994-95
  • Mon Diaz, 1995-96
  • Olga Sundiang, 1996-97
  • PJ Jacinto, 1997-98
  • amor melitante, 1998-?
  • Bing Osorio, 1999-2000
  • Angelo Clavecillas, 2000-2002
  • Brian..., 2002-2003
  • Christon..., 2003-2005
  • Roleth Fernandez, 2005-2006

Student Movement Participation

True to the principles of Theology of Liberation and its vision of social justice, UPSCA-LB was at the forefront of the student movement in the 70s up to the 90s particularly in the Souther Tagalog region. When Martial Law was declared in 1972, Vicente "Vic" Ladlad, and UPSCAn, was the president of the University Student Council. When the student movement was being revived during the second half of the 70's, the first Student Council chairman within the UP system, if not in the Philippines, after the declaration of Martial Law, was Felimon "Monie" Nolasco, an Upscan. He was elected chairman in 1978.

Vic Ladlad led the Barricade at Los Banos Crossing (Junction) to Fight the Marcos dictatorship in 1972.

Takbunahan, atbp. was the first legal open activity spearheaded by UPSCA; aims to promote camaraderie and physical fitness among the members and alumni.

Sining Sikap - a fund raising project which included sales of works of political detainees and symposium on experiences of martial law victims.

· Dual/tri-meet (Diliman/LB/Manila) - a sports activity wherein UPSCAns from UPLB, U.P. Diliman and U.P. Manila engaged in sports competitions and group discussions to rekindle their basis of unity, strengthen camaraderie and enhance physical fitness.

UPLB was the first U.P. unit to establish a student council; UPSCAns in the persons of Jerry Faustino, Filemon Nolasco and Noli Alparce occupied major positions in these student councils.

Under the able leadership of brod monnie nolasco, uplb became the first university to ever mount a universitywide mass action in the philippines since the imposition of martial law. the unrest went on for _ days as the students were joined by the organization of junior faculty members and hundreds of non-academic personnel. The event, being a first, did not escape the attention even by the then captive media. taking cue from the UPLB experience, other universities, i.e., up baguio, up diliman, and (another one from the visayas) followed suit months (days?) later.

When the Student Coalition Against the Rising Cost of Education (SCARCE) was established during the first half of 80s to militantly fight against the 160 plus percent increase in tuition. One of the key leaders of SCARCE was Noli Alparce, the 1982-83 UPSCA-LB president.

In 28 June 1984, almost all UPSCA-LB members participated in the retaking of Mendiola Bridge. This was the first major rally at the Mendiola Bridge after the declaration of Martial Law. Eleven Batangas Laguna Tayabas Bus Line BLTB buses and almost 10 jeepneys, with about 1700 students from UPLB participated in that historic show of force against the dictator. Although the rally was participated by contingents from UP Diliman, UP Manila, and UP Baguio, more than half of the rallyists came from UPLB.

UPSCA-LB also actively participated in the March 1984 Lakbay ng Sambayanan (LAKBAYAN) against the US-Marcos dictatorship. The participants called for a boycott of the Marcos dictatorship elections.

The Lakbayan was a 7 day walk from San Pablo City to Manila--about 87 kms. It culminated at Rizal Park (Luneta). It started with about 1000 mostly farmer participants. Senator Lorenzo Tanada, Sr., SC justice JBL Reyes, and Chino Roces were among the 1000. The Lakbayan ended with about 70,000 anti-Marcos activists including the Justice for Aquino Justice for All movement (JAJA) that was organized just after the Assasination of Ninoy Aquino on 21 August 1983.

During the people power uprising of 1986, UPSCA-LB was part of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN)and other militant sector contingent from UPLB that went to EDSA, near Guadalupe bridge, on February 24, 1986. The Secretary General of BAYAN southern tagalog durang that time was Monie Nolasco, UPSCA and a former student council chair of UPLB.

In 1988, Lito Naldo, headed ACCORD and the council of religious organization, a student organization, in 1986 ?(or 87). Later, Francis De los Reyes also headed the Council of Religious Organization.

Members of the organization were active in supporting workers at the picket lines and farmers fighting for genuine agrarian reform.

Several UPSCA LB members are considered martyrs as they fought injustice, true to the UPSCAN vision, in Philippine society. Jerry Faustino, Agnes Garcia (and another brod/sis from lopez) disappeared during those dark days.

Jerry disappeared during the Marcos regime and Agnes disappeared in September of 1986, seven months after the February people uprising in 1986.

UPSCA-LB Student council presidents and university student councilors, college chairpersons and councilors

Other University Awards

Most Outstanding Religious Org noong 1988 and 1995.

UPSCA Diliman


We, the UPSCAns, commit ourselves to the vision of forming a truly Filipino Christian community founded on TRUTH, where men come to know and express reality through an exchange of ideas and continuous exposure to the conditions that surround them, FREEDOM, where men are presented with all alternatives and given the right to choose their course of action, JUSTICE, where men's dignity is upheld, LOVE, where men reach out for each other in the service of God and their fellowmen.

SCA Hymn/Song


I. An army of youth, flying the standards of truth, We are fighting for Christ the Lord. Heads lifted high, Catholic action our cry. And the cross our only sword.

II. On earth's battlefield never a vantage we'll yield As dauntlessly on we sing. Comrades true, dare and do, 'Neath the Queen's white and blue For our flag, for our faith, for Christ the King!

III. Christ lifts His hands The King commands. His challenge: "Come and follow me". From every side, With eager stride, We form in the lines of victory. Let foemen lurks And laggards shirk. We throw our fortunes to the Lord. Mary's Son till the world is won We have pledged you our loyal Word.

(Repeat I and II and cheer, For Flag for Faith, For Christ the King!)




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