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The UPLB Sophia Circle is an accredited academic organization for philosophy majors and enthusiasts in the University of the Philippines, Los Baños (UPLB). It was established on 28 July 2000 and aims to promote philosophy within and outside UPLB.

Since its establishment on the 28th of July 2000, Sophia Circle has been the premier academic organization for philosophy majors and enthusiasts in UPLB.

Its founding members recognized the need for an organization that shall promote philosophy in and out of the university, not only as an academic discipline, but a way of life as well. They also began the endless pursuit to academic excellence, liberation from dogmatism, and ultimately, truth - a pursuit that transcends the limits of the classroom.

In its years of existence, it has reached most of these goals, and has established itself as a formidable force in the campus, as can be seen from its list of achievements and projects. More importantly, it has and continues to, produce an eclectic mix of members who are leaders in their own fields, excel in their own realms of interest, and cut through the different social strata of the campus.


On the evening of July 28, 2000, eight Core members and twenty-one Charter members met at Mt. Data St., Umali Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna. It was here on this date that the UPLB Sophia Circle was officially founded upon formal ratification of its constitution.


AY 2000-2001
1st Semester
 July 28 - UPLB Sophia Circle formally founded through the promulgation of its 1st constitution

2nd Semester
 Sophia Circle's Kiko de Guzman, Emalyn Concepcion and Bojer Capati championed in UPLB Campus Debate

AY 2001-2002
 1st batch of recruits accepted, batch Thales
 batch Moksha joined the UPLB Sophia Circle (?)
 batch Virtu joined the UPLB Sophia Circle (?)
 Orven Rapsing joined the UPLB Team to the Tañada Cup, a National Debate competition and declared over-all winner for the whole Southern Tagalog
 Sophia Circle's Kiko de Guzman, Emalyn Concepcion and Bojer Capati won 2nd place in UPLB Campus Debate

AY 2002-2003
1st Semester
 Philo Majors Unite! - 1st Sophia-sponsored philosophy majors acquaintance party
 Sophia joined PalaCASan for the first time with Love Narvaja as its Ms. PalaCASan
 batch Auxiliaries joined the UPLB Sophia Circle
 September 16 - PhiloSOPHIAhan Critical Thinking Festival Finals (Grand Finals - UP Diliman)
 September 17 - Philokula
 September 18 - Cultural Night

2nd Semester
 batch Parole joined Sophia
 co-sponsor, Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit
 Sophia Circle's Mickey Nieto, Carlo Cordero and Emalyn Concepcion won 2nd place in UPLB Campus Debate
 Jacq Martirez won as CAS SC Councilor (?)

AY 2003-2004
1st Semester
 batch Ex Pluribus Unum joined Sophia
 Sophia Circle won 2nd place in UPLB Campus Debate (Kiko de Guzman, Mickey Nieto, Errol Torres?)
 Carlo Cordero and Donna Orilla won as CAS SC Chairperson and CAS SC Councilor, respectively
 Sophia Circle holds Critical Thinking Festival once more
 Sophia Circle's Kiko de Guzman, Mickey Nieto and Errol Torres championed in UPLB Campus Debate
 Sophia Week (Theme: Sophia Tricycle)

2nd Semester
 Sophia Circle debate team (Carlo Cordero, Chico Borromeo, Mickey Nieto) championed the UPLB Campus Debate with Chico as the Best Speaker and Carl as the Best Debater
 batch Summum Bonum joined Sophia
 Chico Borromeo won as USC Councilor (?)

AY 2004-2005
1st Semester
 Jouh Pabalate was Best Speaker in UPLB Open Debate
 offering of BA Philo program to freshmen suspended; in response, Sophia used Death as its theme for Sophia week, and held the Sophia Death March
 Sophia Circle Constitution revised; major revisions were: acceptance of non-philo majors, adding the office of auditor to the Executive Committee, and deletion of affirmation of Core members for future amendments
 Sophia Circle holds Amore Amaro, a film festival

AY 2005-2006
1st Semester
 Sophia Circle held Zersotorung, a film festival
 joint symposium with UP Kapitas (Topic: Phenomenological Conception of Filipino Philosophy) - held in Palma Hall, UP Diliman on July 25, 2005
 batch Afarenti joined Sophia
 Runner-Up - 3rd UPLB Open Debate (Ayi Agcaoili, Jhoemar Altomea, Kezy Evangelista and Alpha Pural)
 Sophia Week - SOPHIA CINING: Philosophy and Media
 July 25 (Monday) – Opening of week-long Exhibit in Humanities Bldg
 July 26 – 2 One - Act plays (held in Kofiholics ANonymous)
 July 27 – Street painting
 July 28 – Open Tambayan and Cultural Night
 July 29 - Alumni Homecoming

2nd Semester

 Sophia Circle co-presented The Laramie Project, a theatrical production
 Outreach Activity (Kibo Children's House; Victoria, Laguna; Oct. 8, 2005)
 Co-sponsor, “Writing a Thesis in Philosophy” a seminar held in UPLB on January 13, 2006

AY 2006-2007
1st Semester
 batch Vincit Omnia Veritas joined Sophia
 Andrew Estialbo was Best Debater in 4th UPLB Open Debate (Runner-Up Team with Jouh Pabalate and Sai Saipudin)
 Sophia Week (July 24-28) - Sophia saya!
 July 26: Cultural Night / Open Tambayan, Anti-Convention Day
 Essay Writing Contest participated by PHLO 1 students (essay topic: What is happiness?)
 Outreach Activity (Kibo Children's House; Victoria, Laguna; Sept. 30, 2006)

2nd Semester
 Champion UPLB Campus Debate (Sandra, Kezy, Diory)
 Sophia Circle held Eudaimonia, a film festival
 Sophia Circle held a series of philosophical discussions (twice a month on Thursdays)
 Amendment of Constitution (Amendment I - Elections in the Case of Anticipation of Limited Membership)

AY 2007-2008
 Finalist Annual Campus Debate

AY 2008-2009
 Sophia Circle's The Critique joined Solidaridad

AY 2009-2010
 co-sponsor, Philosophy Night

AY 2010-2011
1st Semester
 BA Philosophy program re-opened to shiftees (?)
 Sophia accepts new batch of apprentices
 Philosophiahan and Philokula, a series of philosophical discussions and film showings
 co-sponsor, Philosophy Night
 batch Boethius joined Sophia

AY 2011-2012
1st Semester
 BA Philosophy program opens to new freshmen

2nd Semester
 apprenticeship program for new philosophy majors started
 February - after several years, The Critique was released once again in the form of wallpost posted around the campus
 February - Krissah Marga Taganas, Sophia apprentice, won as CAS SC Councilor for AY 2012-2013
 March - apprentices elected a set of ad hoc officers who shall spearhead the preparation for the following academic year's activities

AY 2012-2013
1st Semester
 Batch Negatio joined Sophia
 July 18, 2012 – Orientation
 Batch Damascus joined Sophia


The Thinker represents the members as rational thinkers. The three pillars represent Socrates, Plato and Aristotle as representatives of the pioneers in philosophy. The rays transcending the three spheres represent the emanating light of reason and liberation from dogmatism. Their number corresponds to that of the Core and Charter members. The Roman numeral MM represents the year 2000, the year the UPLB Sophia Circle was founded. The laurel leaves symbolize honor and the founding date of the organization, which is July 28. The inner sphere represents the self, the middle sphere the organization, and the outer sphere the society.



Victor Endriga
Alfred Marcos Magno
Jossa de Pano
Lovelyn Narvaja
Carlo Paolo Pangilinan
Marianne Plete-Yee
Orven Rapsing
Castor Junel Sanguyo


Herbert Calvin Abugan
John Aquino
Michael David Azucena
John Ian Boongaling
John Philip Cabugao
Bojer Capati
Emalyn Conepcion-Garcia
Francis Ron de Guzman
Mary Irene Domingo
Carmi Espineda-Farenas
Ann Margaret Guya
Glenn Lague
Nehemiah Macabuhay
Carolyn Magno
Jacqueline Rossini Martirez
Jerdy Paul Mercene
Karen Pimentel
Simon Louis Errol Torres
Janice Umali
Leonardo Yabes


Marie Aileen Camara
Franchesca del Barrio-Alcanse
Wilrich Jeffrey Nieto


Carlo Antonio Cordero
Louise Adelaine Francisco
Juan Paolo Santos


Judith Ann Alejo
Maricar Juaneza
Donna Marie Orilla
Karen Rojas


Aurelio Agcaoili II
Jhoemar Altomea
Juan Carlos Borromeo
Ariose Megan Cruz
Simeona Maria Cuevas
Mary Beth Desano
Katrina Joy Esguerra
Kezia Evangelista
Angelica Garcia
Raisa Lumampao
Ernesto Macaloi
Alpha Loreine Pural
Alejandro Soriano


Karmela Jorvina
Gladdy Mae Rojo
Mary Claire Vega


Jill Catherine dela Luna
John Andrew Estialbo
Joharah Lou Pabalate
Sandra Levette Panganiban
Maria Diory Rabajante
Amabel Raflores
Iñigo Rudio


Florence de Guzman
Joanna Eden Rose Ebora
Christian Valor Sorisantos


Joanne Zoe Aquino


Sheila May Abucay
Reynaldo Araja
Sairah Mae Saipudin


Jona May Alcazar
Clarence Joy de Guzman
Sara Em
Cherish June Galamay
Venezia Maxinne Lacuata
Genevieve Yao


Karlo Miguel Abuda
Cherrie Rose Ang
Ian Carlo Benitez
Christian Ray Buendia
John Moses Chua
Karisse Anna Garcia
Katherine Lagman
Julie Lazo
Shanna Clein Pamatmat
John Hermie Ramirez
Danielle Marie Ramos
Beverly Ann Rugas
Lady Cezanie Sabanal
Ma. Nadisha Priyadarasani Tabirao
Krissah Marga Taganas
Kris Jireh Tongol
Annieza Nica Udarbe


Marvel Velez


Efren Alverio II
Ulysses Aureus
Anthony Jan Cabatic
Aleli Caraan
Arwin Chua
Ma. Theresa de Guzman
Erwin Espiritu
Windell Russ Espada
Marjohn Esteves
Arlyn Pinpin-Macapinlac
Nicolo Masakayan
Lumberto Mendoza
Allan Jay Natividad
Donna Patricia Nuguid
Allan Pasamonte
Ma. Teresa Payongayong
Ma. Scheherazade Ruivivar
Cherry Villafuerte

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