Typhoon Axel (1994)

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Typhoon Axel (Garding)

Forming along a near-equatorial trough, a surface circulation formed on December 13 and began to move west-northwestward. The system organized into a tropical depression on December 14, but only for 12 hours as the system became much less organized and had more than one circulation center. On December 15, the system began to regenerate due to increasing thunderstorm activity near its main circulation center, and by late in the day, was once again considered a tropical depression. Modestly developing thereafter, the tropical cyclone intensified into a typhoon on December 19 as it turned due west.[1]

Axel moved south of Samar in the Philippines, weakening as it moved through the archipelago. Nineteen perished as the typhoon moved through the country,[2][3] with five deaths occurring in Bacolod City as heavy rains caused a dam break. High waves destroyed 163 homes on Mindanao. Entering the South China Sea as a tropical storm, the system briefly reintensified into a typhoon before vertical wind shear substantially increased, which led to significant weakening of Axel. The tropical cyclone dissipated Template:Convert southeast of Hong Kong on December 26.[1]

The remnants of Axel interacted with the remnants of Severe Tropical Storm Bobbie and created a large, long-lived extratropical system that affected Canada and dissipated on January 2, 1995.Template:Citation needed

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