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Totoy Mola was a 1997 film starring Jay Manalo, Dindi Gallardo, Aya Medel, Sabrina M, and Cyndi Moreno. it was released by Viva Films. This successful film was followed by another film entitled Divino: Anak ni Totoy Mola.

The film Totoy Mola was Jay Manalo's biggest break and his first lead role in a bold film. This movie catapulted him to a new level of popularity among Filipino fans. The term, mola, in the title is a Filipino slang word used to describe a "well-endowed" man, alluding to the size of the sex organ.


Playing the title role in the film, Manalo's character hails from the province and is characterized as such - a "well-endowed" man. After the tragic and unusual death of his girlfriend, he moves to Manila to forget the tragedy and start a new life. In the city, Manalo's character ends up becoming a macho dancer and a prostitute, owing to his lack of education and skills to land a regular job. He also becomes part of a complicated relationship involving him and two women. Eventually, the situation ends up in violence as one of the women, in a fit of jealousy, cuts off his sex organ. The scene is said to be the highlight of the film owing to the sensitive and graphic nature of the actors' portrayal.