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Filipinos' attitude to fashion is a mix of pakikisama (going along with the crowd), desire for individual expression, and practicality (the last explains why leather and fur never caught on here). This explains why certain fashion trends, once embraced, never really go out of style. These are represented in these top fashion picks of all time.

  • Beading and embroidery. Filipinos' love for beaded and embroidered clothing embellishments goes back to the time of the early Filipinos. They add color and/or texture to all kinds of clothes and accessories, from casual to formal.
  • Eye-catching bags. Bags abound in every kind of material, from classic leather to mother of pearl. The trends in shapes, colors, prints, and materials may change, but Filipinos just can't seem to settle for plain old bags.
  • Stretched-woven fabrics. Finally, you can be comfortable even with a more formal look. They allow for some allowance in a change of size as well.
  • Pink. The traditional feminine color has never really gone out of style for women, but now it's being embraced by men as well. Dark-haired Filipino men don't look girly or babyish even in light pinks, so it's about time that equality of the sexes was applied to this color.
  • Bracelet watches. Despite the proliferation of cellphones and other gadgets that also provide time, wristwatches are still more convenient for the time-conscious. Watches on bracelet-like straps and chains allow one to be practical and at the same time fashionable.
  • Mother-of-pearl/capiz. In jewelry and accessories, mother-of-pearl or capiz looks elegant and gives skin a glow. Local designers update accessories in these pearly materials to go with the trends.
  • Sandals. Open footwear is most comfortable in the hot climate of the Philippines. Sandals also tend to be less expensive than closed shoes, allowing for a larger wardrobe of footwear.
  • Shades. They not only look cool but provide protection from the hot tropical sun (that is, if they are anti-UV).
  • "Spoof" shirts. Back in the 90s, shirts that had the general look of famous brand names but with tongue-in-cheek messages instead became the rage, and continue to be fun casual staples.
  • Long shorts. Shorts are comfortable in hot weather, but most Filipinos are still quite modest and prefer ones that reach the knee or below to hot pants.



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