Top 4 Pinoy School-Themed Movies of All Time

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Summer is over— time to put back your summer dresses and board shorts in your closet and slip on to your school uniform for another 10 months or so of burning the midnight oil. To help you rev up for school, listed below are some of the Pinoy school-themed movie flicks that will definitely help you shape up and get the school mood spirit in you— or reminisce if you’re already done schooling.

  • Bagets- a coming-of-age movie about the happiness and pains that adolescents face as they grow up. The story revolves around the escapades of five young boys— each has his own trait. Although they come from different kinds of families and backgrounds, it never became an issue in their friendship and together, they will all try to finish their senior year in a new high school after being kicked out from their previous school. As they face this challenge, they also encounter different things and discoveries like young love, family problems, and others.

  • First Day High- The film revolves around five freshman college students of FDU University. The Nice Guy Nathan (Jason Abalos), Brainy Indi (Kim Chiu), Basketball hottie MJ2 (Gerald Anderson), Sosy Pre (Maja Salvador), and Rebel Gael (Geoff Eigenmann), try to solve the mystery behind the water contamination of the university's Basketball Water. Five of them are the suspects for the said case. Together with the unveiling of the mystery is their struggle on college life's complexities, pressure and personal struggles.

  • Estudyante Blues- This is a story about eight young men who are currently studying in high school. As adolescents trying to experiment on new things, they face different adventures on discovering love, sex and women. Together with their escapades, they also deal with common problems that teenagers face at that certain point in their lives, grades, family and other personal problems and how to cope with all of them.

  • Pisay- The movie relates the stories of eight Philippine Science High School (PSHS) students during the 1980s. The movie is made up of different but intertwined stories of Pisay students who are in their freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior years. Set in the mid half of the '80s, where there's so much political conflict and upheaval in the country, these students come of age in a time filled with excitement, conflict and change.



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