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The Philippines is proud that many of its local komiks illustrators rank among the best in the world. This is proven by the fact even the great comic publishers in the West-Marvel and DC Comics- have recruited Pinoy komiks illustrators to draw for their komiks. Indeed, many of our komiks illustrators have gained a following not only in the Philippines but also abroad. In recent years, there has been a widespread discussion as to who among our great illustrators belong to the greatest. Our komiks editor Dennis Villegas has studied the artworks of our komiks masters for several years. As a collector of komik art, he has followed with intense passion the works of our great illustrators. Here is the list of those he considers the greatest Pinoy Komiks illustrators of all time (and followed by his short comments on why he chose them)

  1. Francisco Coching -Coching is by general consensus the greatest Filipino komiks illustrator of all time. No other Filipino illustrator had elevated the art of komiks into a valid art form. His influence on Philippine komiks can hardly be exaggerated.
  2. Nestor Redondo -I really hate to make Redondo second only in my list, since he's clearly in the same class as Coching. Indeed, at one time Coching may have been influenced Redondo. Yet, in some ways, Redondo had not achieved the intensity of Coching's composition and technique. Nevertheless, Redondo's mastery of the human anatomy is unequalled even among local or foreign illustrators. Redondo is definitely one of the world's finest illustrators.
  3. Alex Nino -Alex had a bad start in Philippine komiks since even the great Mars Ravelo was not yet prepared for the revolutionary techniques Alex applied in his drawings. Yet only Alex can do what he does. No one can duplicate his works especially on the sci-fi and horror genre. Truly Nino is one of the greatest illustrators in the world today
  4. Alfredo Alcala -Alfredo Alcala may well be the most prolific Filipino illustrator, and yet the quality of his work never diminishes. He stunned even Marvel Comics editors with his remarkable illustrating skills. Like Nino, Alcala had a unique style that no one has been able to imitate.
  5. Ruben Yandoc-One of the pioneer illustrators in Philippine komiks, Yandoc is also one of the most mysterious. Despite his superior work and fantastic drawing abilities, nobody seemed to know any significant information about him. Yet, despite this Yandoc is definitely one of the greatest illustrators in Philippine komiks. His unique drawing style is much admired even by many international comics fans.
  6. Elpidio Torres-rightfully called the "Amorsolo of Philippine Komiks", Torres is definitely one of the greatest komiks artists of the Philippines. Known throughout his career for clean rendering and smooth lines, Torres drew some of the great classics in Philippine komiks like Bondying, Jack and Jill, Mambo Dyambo, Dyesebel, and many others.
  7. Hal Santiago-Hal started his career illustrating for the Bulaklak publications where he honed his skills imitating the style of the great comic illustrators Hal Foster and Nestor Redondo. He soon evolved his own great style marked with clean brushwork and superior composition. In the 1970s, Hal was already recognized as one of the two most sought-after komiks illustrators, an honor shared by Mar Santana. However, only Hal can boast as being the only one officially given the title "The Philippines' Greatest Illustrator"
  8. Fred Carrillo-in tandem with writer Clodualdo del Mundo, he created some of the greatest classics in Philippine komiks. An indefatigable illustrator, Carrillo's trademark was his attention to detail and clean composition
  9. Rudy Nebres- Nebres' art is a breed of the Coching and Redondo school of classical komiks illustration. Although he began his career as a lettering artist, Nebres had the immense ability for the komik art. His rendering and his perfect portrayal of human anatomy are much admired.
  10. Fred Alcantara-Nobody has solid knowledge about Fred Alcantara. Yet you can see his drawings reflect a passion for perfection. His photographic illustrations look so real people tend to forget they were reading komiks and not watching movies.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Mar Santana
  2. Federico Javinal
  3. Rico Rival
  4. Rolando "Rolly" Buenafe
  5. Abe Ocampo
  6. Jun Quin Lofamia
  7. Steve Gan
  8. Joel Magpayo
  9. Ading Gonzales
  10. Nestor Leonides
  11. Jim Fernandez
  12. Larry Alcala
  13. Amado "Ding" Castrillo
  14. Jess Jodloman
  15. Noli Panaligan
  16. Leonardo "Nardo" Cruz
  17. Vir Aguirre
  18. Nick Abueg
  19. Carlos "Carl" Baldorado
  20. Yong Montano
  21. Jun Borillo
  22. Carl Sunga
  23. Quico Redondo
  24. Eufronio "E.R." Cruz


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