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Their music keeps playing inside your head. You have memorized every line of their songs and croon with them as they learn how to play drums and their best hits. You love how their drummers hit their drums, how the guitarists strum their guitars and how the vocalists utter every word of their songs. They have almost become an obsession that you followed their every gig. Now, drum roll please for the Most Loved Bands of the Pinoys, then and now.

  1. Eraserheads - They are known as "The Beatles of the Philippines." They easily became a pop culture phenomenon in the 1990's.
  2. Parokya ni Edgar - A band of six guys first known for their hit song "Buloy."
  3. Rivermaya - One of the pillars in the OPM band scene. They were formed in 1993. The original band was composed of "Bamboo" (vocals), Rico Blanco (keyboards, guitars), Perfecto de Castro (guitars), Nathan Azarcon (bass) and Mark Escueta (drums).
  4. Bamboo - An alternative rock band founded in 2002 by former Rivermaya vocalist Bamboo. The band is obviously named after him.
  5. Kamikazee- Their career soared high together with their hit song "Narda."
  6. Imago - A pop rock band formed in 1999. It's composed of Aia De Leon (vocals/guitars), Myrene "Maps" Academia (bass), Tim Cacho (guitars) and Zach Lucero (drums)
  7. Session Road - Baguio-based (Session Road is a major road in Baguio) musicians. Suntok sa Buwan, Cool Off, and Leaving You are just some songs they popularized.
  8. Wolfgang - A heavy metal and rock band that was named one of the great Filipino rock bands of all time.
  9. True Faith - A popular band formed in 1992 led by Medwin on vocals; Kenneth Ilagan and Eugene Marfil on guitars; Bimbo Yance on bass; Jake Lumacad on keyboards and Benedict Esguerra on drums. Their song "Perfect" was the song that skyrocketed the band's popularity.
  10. Pupil - A rock band led by Eraserhead's former vocalist Ely Buendia. The band's former name was "The Mongols."
  11. Juan dela Cruz Band - A very prominent rock band during the 70's. The band consisted of Wally Gonzalez, Joey "Pepe" Smith, and Mike Hanopol.
  12. Sampaguita - A rock band with a female vocal who popularized the song "Laguna."

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