Top 10 Most Horrifying Komiks Characters

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Philippine komiks-magazines are rich in a horde of characters ranging from the superheroes, cartoon characters, supervillains, and horrifying characters. This is the page dedicated to the Most Horrifying Characters in Philippine Komiks. Most of us remember them, but in case you don't, just click on their names and remember that in the past, while reading the serials in which they appeared, you have also felt the spine-tingling fear of their presence in the komiks you were holding in your hand.

  1. Goomboo Roomboo
  2. Devil Car
  3. Zuma
  4. Borong Borong
  5. Dyangga
  6. Talim
  7. Dino
  8. Devil Boy
  9. Lizardo
  10. The Cannibal