Top 10 Matinee Idols of the 90s

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The young Matinee Idols of the 1990s represent the growing trend in the Philippine movie industry: the drama-comedy soap, mostly starred by teen actors and actresses geared to capture the market of the younger movie goers.

It is undeniable that the poor economy of the 1990s affected the number of movie goers. Add to this the influx of high-quality Hollywood movies that attracted the Pinoy movie goers.

The Filipino movie studios were more reluctant than ever to produce movies, which gravely affected the movie industry and its ever growing youthful stars. Thus, the Matinee Idols of the 1990s came mostly from television studios, instead of the regular movie studios. These television studios were Channels 2 and 7.

These two network channels took advantage of the declining number of movie goers in order to attract them into their free television soaps and serials. Thus, the television industry--supposedly a sister industry of the movie industry--added more to the decline of the latter, as now Filipinos can enjoy watching their favorite stars without paying for a movie ticket.

Our choices for this list is a result of our sleepless nights reviewing movie gossip magazines and internet articles pertinent to the era when these matinee idols reigned. Again, we emphasize that this list is not reflective of Wikipilipinas' strict policy of methodology and research. This list is an editorial choice. Although we believe that our list is strong, we still welcome rearrangements, other nominations and suggestions.

Top 10 Matinee idols of the 1990s

  1. Aga Muhlach -indeed, up to the 1990s, Aga is still the ultimate matinee idol. He has matured certainly, especially in acting, but he still holds that boyish looks loved by movie fans.
  2. Richard Gomez -gossip magazines say that he's the sexiest Pinoy alive, and we don't contest it. Richard has the classic looks of dapper matinee idol: tall, dark, and handsome
  3. Piolo Pascual- Piolo is still the leading matinee idol today, and maybe for many many years to come.
  4. Rico Yan- His short career left us with some beautiful memories of how talented an actor Rico was. Yet, for all that brief shining moment, Rico had created a place in the Philippine movie industry as one of the most popular matinee idols of all time.
  5. Rustom Padilla- one of the best dressed and good looking matinee idols of the 1990s. He shocked the Showbiz world when he came out in the open to reveal that he
  6. Diether Ocampo
  7. Jomari Yllana
  8. Mark Anthony Fernandez -Mark certainly inherited the acting blood of his illustrious movie clan, the Fernandezes and the Osoris. His father of course is no less than Rudy Fernandez himself. Mark's drug-related problems seemed to have destroyed an early promising career, but he has now come back full circle and is now enjoying a resurrected careet in the movies and television as well.
  9. Eric Fructouso
  10. Jestoni Alarcon



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