Top 10 Matinee Idols of the 80s

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In Philippine cinema, the 1980s may become known as the period of the Bagets matinee idols. The term Bagets came from the movie that starred the most popular Filipino teen-agers of the decade, and the word later became synonymous with the generation of the hip youth of the mid-1980s wearing balloon pants, gelled hairstylings, and mostly involved in such bizarre dances like "Strut" and "Break Dance". Indeed, it was a hip time to be a teen-ager in the 1980s.

Prior to the Bagets era though, in early 1980s, there was an earlier batch of matinee idols and we included some of them in the list. Again, we emphasize that this list has been created for entertainment purposes only and not reflective of Wikipilipinas' policy of accuracy and methodology. This list is an editorial choice and we welcome changes and suggestions. However, please be assured that we have made every effort to compile this list without bias.

  1. Aga Muhlach
  2. Alfie Anido
  3. Gabby Concepcion
  4. Jimi Melendez
  5. William Martinez
  6. Albert Martinez
  7. Francis Magalona
  8. Raymond Lauchengco
  9. J.C. Bonnin
  10. Ramon Christopher



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