Top 10 Matinee Idols of the 60s

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The 1960s was the beginning of the era of the young matinee idols. While in the 1950s dapper leading men of mid-20s and older were considered the right age to become a matinee idol, the 1960s welcomed the younger ones--some even teen-agers. Indeed, the Matinee Idols of the 1960s reflect the young generation of the 1960s, an era dominated by the youthful Beatles' conquest of 1960s world popular culture. Again, our Top 10 listing is a result of our research in Philippine movie books and periodicals (particularly gossip magazines that proliferated in the 1960s), as well as our fascination to watch old black and white movies that frequently air on Philippine television.

This list is an editorial choice and not reflective of Wikipilipinas' policy of accuracy and methodology. We welcome re-arrangements of the list, suggestions, and nominations in case you think of another name that will dethrone any in the current Top 10 list. Here then are our choices for the Top 10 Matinee Idols of the 1960s.

  1. Fernando Poe, Jr.
  2. Tirso Cruz III
  3. Eddie Gutierrez
  4. Vic Vargas
  5. Joseph Estrada
  6. Romeo Vasquez
  7. Ricky Belmonte
  8. Pepito Rodriguez
  9. Edgar Mortiz
  10. Dante Rivero


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  • Liwayway magazine(1960s)



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