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The pantheon of superheroes and superheroines that have graced the pages of Philippine komiks is innumerable. Yet, the greatest of them should have a place in Wikipilipinas' popular Top 10 book of lists.

Of course, our pool of editors have had to stick their noses to several old musty komiks tomes in order to peruse and re-read the komiks serials in which these heroes appeared. And so, our research led us to compile the Top 10 Komiks Superheroes that have appeared in the pages of Philippine komiks.

We must note, however, that this list is an editorial choice and does not reflect Wikipilipinas' strict policy of research and methodology. Yet, we believe that we have come up with a strong list that could be hard to beat!

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Superheroes in Philippine Komiks:

  1. Darna-maybe the most famous superheroine character in Philippine komiks, Darna has been flying in Philippine skies and battling all kinds of evils since her first appearance in Pilipino Komiks in 1950.
  2. Captain Barbell-Next to Darna, Captain Barbell represented the Filipino's fascination for superheroes. Since his first appearance in komiks in 1963, Captain Barbell has been adapted into several motion pictures and teleseryes.
  3. Lastikman-Another Ravelo creation bags the third place among our pantheon of superheroes. Indeed, Lastikman remains the most filmed and adpated superhero from the pages of Tagalog komiks. In fact, right now, he appears in a television series shown every night on ABS-CBN primetime, starring actor/comedian Vhong Navarro.
  4. Lagim-This superhero creation by writer-illustrator Cris Caguintuan was one of the earliest superheroes in Philippine komiks. Born in Pilipino Komiks #1, Lagim wore a cape and possess the strength of two men.
  5. Ipo-ipo-presumably the very first superhero in Philippine komiks, Ipo-ipo was born in the pages of the Magasin ng Pagsilang,in 1946. Ipo-ipo had the power and speed of a whirlwind, which he used to battle the evil forces.
  6. Superdog -Born in Pilipino Funny Komiks in 1985, after Superkat emigrated to the United States, our local Superdog is in no way associated with Superman, for Superdog himself possessed the superhero strength of the former
  7. Superkat-prior to Superdog's reign in Pilipino Funny Komiks, there was the cute little cat named Ming, who was blessed with the power to become Superkat, battling a horde of evil rats threatening to conquer the catworld.
  8. Tiny Tony-He was tiny but he was also Tony (meaning he had the strength of a man weighing a ton). Tiny Tony first appeared in Pinoy Klasiks in 1965, battling criminals and syndicates.
  9. Kapitan Kidlat-perhaps A.S. Tenorio's best-known creation, Kapitan Kidlat got his heroic powers from the lighting from which he got his name.
  10. Siopawman-Larry Alcala's first cartoon creation, Siopawman was a fumbling superhero who conquers goons and criminals--by sheer accident. Siopawman first appeared in the rare Halakhak Komiks.


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