Top 10 Komiks Characters

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These are the most popular characters in the Pinoy komiks industry, having appeared in various forms of art other than komiks (such as film, theater, musicals, etc). Indeed, they have acquired the status of pop icons, so that they almost become movie superstars with loyal followers.

Here then are our choices for the Top 10 All-Time Classic Pinoy Komiks Characters:

  1. Kenkoy - Created by Tony Velasquez, the Father of Philippine Komiks, Kenkoy is the very first komiks superstar, having been born in the Liwayway comics in 1929. His name has become synonymous with "a funny person".
  2. Darna - Created by Mars Ravelo, Darna is our country's Wonder Woman, as she has been represented not only in komiks but in several movies, musical, and plays as well.
  3. Zsazsa Zaturnnah - No other komiks character created such tremendous media attention than Zsazsa Zaturnnah had. Presumably the "first superhero gay komiks character", Zaturnnah has changed the way we Filipinos look at superheroes.
  4. Bondying - He made us laugh with his wit and smart ways in life, even though he was a full-grown man who dressed in polka-dotted baby's shirt, talked baby-blabber, and sucking a large bottle of milk!
  5. Barok - The famous innocent caveman who lived in Stone Age Philippines is one of Bert Sarile's most memorable creations. Barok is beloved by all Filipinos!
  6. Polgas - The wise and philosophical pet dog of the obese Sungcal family in the hilarious Pugad Baboy strip by Pol Medina, Jr..
  7. Mang Kepweng - Are you sick or brokenhearted? Mang Kepweng can heal your malady with potion, oils, herbs, and an overdose of witty laughter. Mang Kepweng is truly one of the most popular Pinoy komiks characters. [1]
  8. Kulafu - The very first Tarzan-like character in Philippine Komiks, whose "kingdom" was a deep jungle in the Visayas, battled evil men as well as dragons and siokoy. This famous creation by Francisco Reyes now lives on in the label of a famous Tsinoy Sioktong called Vino Kulafu.
  9. Asyong Aksaya - Larry Alcala's hilarious parody of the Filipinos' senseless expenditures is bitingly reflected in the character of Asyong Aksaya, a wacky millionaire who lights a cigarette with a wad of bills.
  10. Zuma - His green skin has the menacing look of a snake which he can summon anytime he wants to. His snake-haired head and a couple of phytons dangling from his shoulders are his most memorable trademarks. Every Filipino knew him as the father of Anak ni Zuma, who were Galema and Dino. Zuma gets his strength and vigor by eating the hearts of virgins he had seduced.
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