Top 10 Greatest Komiks Writers of All Time

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This controversial list will probably cause a war of the words among fans of our great komiks writers. There are so many talented writers the komiks industry has produced, but now is the time to choose who belong to the list of the greatest of all time.

In choosing this list, our komiks editors were guided by a few factors: the versatility of the komiks writer to create different genres and themes; the influence the writer exerted in the komiks industry, and the popularity of his works among Pinoy readers. Based on these three factors, we have listed down the Top 10 Greatest Pinoy Komiks Writers. They are the best, they are the greatest, they belong to the Top 10.

  1. Mars Ravelo Ravelo is the original Komiks King. No one comes close to the output he had contributed to make komiks an elevated literary form of art. Ravelo's style of writing is gripping and suspenseful, and he mastered every genre, from drama to comedy, to adventure and fantasy. There may be pretenders to the throne, but Ravelo remains the true Komiks King!
  2. Tony Velasquez-regarded as the Father of Philippine Komiks, Tony Velasquez started the Philippine komiks industry in 1947 by founding Ace Publications, the largest publisher of comics-magazines in Asia in the 1950s. Tony had been writing komiks since 1932, after the death of original Kenkoy writer Romualdo Ramos. He created more than 600 comics characters and innumerable short stories and graphic novels.
  3. Francisco V. Coching-Coching's writings are a proof that komiks are not only the reading fare of women and kids. During his protracted career as writer/illustrator, Coching created more than a hundred memorable graphic novels, most of which were adapted into movies. Although he retired early, in 1972, Coching's output in adventure and western serial was far greater than any of his contemporaries.
  4. Clodualdo del Mundo-one of the unsung writers in Philippine literature, Del Mundo is an award-winning writer, lending his prestige to elevate komiks writing into a truly literary art form.
  5. Pablo S. Gomez-Gomez is the only surviving giant from the era of the great komiks writers of the 1950s. He still writes komiks to this day, a proof of his love for the craft. A multi-awarded writer and director, Gomez created some of most memorable characters and serials in Philippine komiks-including Petrang Kabayo, Susanang Daldal, and Kurdapya.
  6. Virgilio Redondo-brother of the more famous Nestor Redondo, Virgilio is one of the Philippines' most popular writers. He created Gagamba and Palos, two of the philippines' most popular komiks characters.
  7. Jim Fernandez-Fernandez started the great epic novels in Philippine komiks in the early 1970s. Some of his greatest works include, among others, The Cannibal, Aztec, and Anak ni Zuma--which may qualify, based on komiks sales, as the most popular komiks serial in the Philippines.
  8. Carlo J. Caparas-Caparas came in late in Philippine komiks. Having started writing only in the mid-1960s, Caparas nevertheless proved that he is heir to the tradition of the great komiks writers of the past. He recently spearheaded the campaign to revive the komiks industry in the Philippines.
  9. Elena Patron-Elena Patron is the grand dame of Philippine komiks. Her memorable novels were of diverse genre. A psychological writer, Patron was able to create stories that touched on human eccentricities.
  10. Nerissa Cabral-basically, Cabral is a drama writer. Her vast output in komiks consists mostly of examinations of human personalities and relationships--ideal themes for movies, into which most of her komiks novels were adapted.


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