Top 10 Female Komiks Characters

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The Philippines is one of the few countries in the world that created superheroines, a fact that reflect the Filipino society's general treatment of women as equal to men. In no other art form is the women more elevated than the komiks form. Here women assert their rights, and even lead men into battle against evil.

Our pool of editors chose the list of Top 10 Female Komiks Characters based only in our reviews of extant komiks materials. We have also taken as factor the universal popularity of the characters in Philippine pop culture, such that these characters had been adopted into other art forms such as television or movies.

  1. Darna
  2. Dyesebel
  3. Diwani
  4. Ponyang Halobaybay
  5. Rosing
  6. Galema
  7. Kurdapya
  8. Bakekang
  9. Reyna Bandida
  10. Medusa