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Blog is a powerful tool in publishing and sharing one's ideas easily to the public. It also gives the writers and readers a chance to engage in open conversation anywhere in the world. Technorati is an organization that searches and organizes blogs/weblogs and other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.) increasingly referred to as “citizen media”. It has the authority to track these links and monitor every hour these live communities and the conversations they foster.

Check out the list of top 100 Philippine blogs according to Technorati:

 1. Kauderwelsch (Lukaret) by Beng Hafner (Technorati Rank: 497 - 3,306 links from 1,774 blogs)

This is the official website of Kauderwelsch, the personal blog of Beng Hafner.

 2. P o n d P e r s p e c t i v e by ribbiticus (Technorati Rank: 2,317 - 1,524 links from 787 blogs)

This is the primary blog of ribbiticus, a female blogger who also owns another blog site, Ribbitisms.

 3. Le Superstar Fabuleux by Bryanboy (Technorati Rank: 3,023 - 1,310 links from 668 blogs)

This is the official site of Bryanboy, a fashion blogger.

 4. Kutitots by Gail Dela Cruz (Technorati Rank: Rank: 3,394 - 830 links from 616 blogs)

Kutitots is the personal blog site of Gail Dela Cruz, a full-time web designer and entrepreneur. Her other blog sites are as follows: Dog Fashion, Filipino Web Designer, Filipino Weddings, My Pet Hamsters and Pinoy Dog-lover.

 5. The Filipino Web Designer by Gail Dela Cruz (Technorati Rank: 4,976 - 548 links from 515 blogs)

Here's another weblog from Gail Dela Cruz, a Creative Director of SheeroMedia, an advertising agency based here in Manila who has been designing for the Web since 1999.

 6. Midlife Mysteries by Cathy Babao Guballa (Technorati Rank: 7,004 - 732 links from 395 blogs)

Cathy Babao Guballa is a mother, wife and writer who writes a parenting column for a leading daily. She also considers herself a staunch children's health advocate and grief counselor/educator.

 7. Finestkind Clinic and Fish Market by Nancy Reyes (Technorati Rank: 7,107 - 819 links from 390 blogs)

A retired doctor, Nancy Reyes' personal blog discusses medicine, culture and other "absurdities" of the world.

 8. Touched by an Angel by Noemi Dado (Technorati Rank: Rank: 7,860 - 1,420 links from 360 blogs)

Touched by an Angel is the personal blog of Noemi Dado, a Filipina mom who shares her thoughts, opinions, her grief recovery and the journey to her "new normal" after the death of her son.

 9. Online Blog of Jessica Zafra by Jessica Zafra (Technorati Rank: 8,730 - 592 links from 341 blogs)

This site is the online blog of columnist, talk show host and author of the nine Twisted books, Jessica Zafra.

 10. Dessert Comes First by Lori Baltazar (Technorati Rank: 9,488 - 588 links from 316 blogs)

This weblog talks about dessert obsession and other unabashed opinions of food writer, Lori Baltazar. She has been a food writer for seven years and contributes articles to various food magazines.

 11. Kevin by Kevin Codamon (Technorati Rank: 9,676 - 845 links from 311 blogs)

Kevin's blog is about online and console gaming, babes, movies, FHM and Maxim covergirls.

 12. Alaism by Ala Paredes (Technorati Rank: 9,897 - 518 links from 305 blogs)

This is the official blog site of Ala Paredes, a blogger who started blogging since 2003.

 13. The Biotech Weblog by Ruth Schaffer (Technorati Rank: 10,298 - 1,976 links from 300 blogs)

This weblog gives you the latest news and developments about biotechnology like: pharmaceuticals, drugs, micriobiolgy, genteics, gene theraphy and other related topics about biotech. Ruth Schaffer is a scientist, wife and mother who took up BS Biology at the University of the Philippines.

 14. shmula by Peter Abilla (Technorati Rank: 10,806 - 606 links from 291 blogs)

This weblog of Peter Abilla is all about technology, business, operations, six sigma, queueing theory, operations research, building software, the customer experience (especially ethnography and word-of-mouth marketing).

 15. The Parenting Weblog by Melissa Atienza-Petri (Technorati Rank: 10,896 - 2,044 links from 289 blogs)

This weblog discusses everything you need to know about parenting from pregnancy to motherhood.

 16. Misteryosa by Shari Cruz (Technorati Rank: 11,162 - 764 links from 283 blogs)

This is the personal website of Shari Cruz.

 17. Manuel L. Quezon III by Manolo Quezon (Technorati Rank: 11,606 - 739 links from 273 blogs)

Manuel L. Quezon's grandson, Manuel L. "Manolo" Quezon III is a political pundit and network blogger for Pajamas Media. He hosts a weekly program in ANC cable news channel, “The Explainer.”

 18. The Composed Gentleman by Eric Ariel Salas (Technorati Rank: 11,606 - 1,329 links from 273 blogs)

This is an academic blog where you can expect Education Articles, Research Papers/Studies, Guides/Tips on Graduate Studies, Online Degrees and Programs, Links to Scientific Papers, Full Movies and Videos, NASA and Science Facts, Educational Games, Scientific Breakthroughs, Guides and Tips to Students and Teachers, Books and Reviews, Engineering News, and many more.

 19. Pinoy Cook by Connie Veneracion (Technorati Rank: 12,145 - 726 links from 263 blogs)

This site is a Filipino food, cooking and recipes blog by Connie Veneracion.

 20 The Flyaway Weblog by Melissa Atienza-Petri (Technorati Rank: 12,429 - 2,020 links from 260 blogs)

Flyaway weblog is a budget travel guide which gives you travel and destination tips and everything you need to know about traveling.

 21. Jammed: Full into Capacity by Jam (Technorati Rank: 12,703 - 800 links from 257 blogs)

Jam's weblog is about personal stuff, internet, health, politics and current events. Jam is a medical student of Mindanao State University College of Medicine. She has been a blogger for almost 3 years and started her daily online journal using Xanga, which made way for her to get acquainted with the blogging world.

 22. Leon Kilat ::: The Cybercafe Experiments by Max Limpag (Technorati Rank: 12,855 - 429 links from 255 blogs)

Max Limpag's personal weblog is a Cybercafe Experiment on blogs, mobile technology and content management systems. He is a copy, section and online editor of Sun.Star Cebu.

 23. Adventures of the Coconuter by David (Technorati Rank: 13,221 - 367 links from 250 blogs)

David "Coconuter"'s blog site talks about his adventures and his journey in search for meaning and purpose in life.

 24. Pinoy Tech Blog (Technorati Rank: 13,450 - 669 links from 246 blogs)

Pinoy Tech Blog is composed of a team of professional bloggers and Netpreneurs. It provides informations on blogging, gaming, multimedia, software, wireless technology, tech tips/quick fix, and a lot more.

 25. Rickey by Rickey Yaneza (Technorati Rank: 13,618 - 672 links from 243 blogs) is the official website of Rickey Yaneza. Rickey's blog has been consistently on top of Pinoy Top Blogs.

 26. House on a Hill by Connie Veneracion (Technorati Rank: 13,921 - 954 links from 238 blogs)

Connie Veneracion is a lawyer who writes about family and life in Philippine suburbia.

 27. Nostalgia Manila by Nostalgia Manila (Technorati Rank: 13,921 - 1,063 links from 238 blogs)

Nostalgia Manila is a site where you can find timeworn TV shows and videos from the 70's and 80's including rare classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles.

 28. Inside PCIJ by Shiela Coronel & Aleck Pabico, et. al. (Technorati Rank: 14,159 - 1,124 links from 234 blogs)

This is the institutional blog of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

 29. Basang Panaginip (Technorati Rank: 14,303 - 521 links from 232 blogs)

This weblog talks about time, love, sexy things, atheism and the life of the author.

 30. Peri’s Postings by Peri (Technorati Rank: 14,665 - 386 links from 226 blogs)

Peri shares her experiences and interests through this photoblog called Peri's Postings.

 31. Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz (Technorati Rank: 14,221 - 1,428 links from 233 blogs)

This blog site gives you a glimpse of Manila's hidden places, food and travel secrets through word-of-mouth.

 32. Allergizer by Ruth Schaffer (Technorati Rank: 14,303 - 1,502 links from 232 blogs)

This is an online resource about allergies and living with allergies.

 33. Shai Coggins by Shai Coggins (Technorati Rank: 14,618 - 405 links from 227 blogs)

This is the personal weblog of Shai Coggins.

 34.Make Money Online by Shai Coggins (Technorati Rank: 15,040 - 381 links from 223 blogs)

This weblog by Shai Coggins aims to help you find cash on the web.

 35. The Man Blog by Mike Villar & Co. (Technorati Rank: 15,213 - 932 links from 221 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Mike Villar, a Marketing Strategist with broad experience in multi-channel market planning and deployment.

 36. L U V E D {dot} net by Pat (Technorati Rank: 15,289 - 535 links from 220 blogs)

A personal blog of a college student residing in the Philippines

 37. Rebel Pixel by Markku Seguerra (Technorati Rank: 15,354 - 602 links from 219 blogs)

Rebel Pixel is Markku Seguerra's weblog on web design, photography and other things of interest.

 38. A Bugged Life by Jayvee Fernandez (Technorati Rank: 15,568 - 746 links from 216 blogs)

This blog by Jayvee Fernandez gives you information about Philippine technology and and communications industry.

 39. Filipina Soul by Grace & Maricar (Technorati Rank: 16,015 - 355 links from 210 blogs)

Filipina Soul is a blog about travel and culture.

 40. Let’s Visit Asia by Ruth Schaffer (Technorati Rank: 16,015 - 355 links from 210 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Ruth Schaffer, sharing her adventures and her visits in Asia.

 41. The Scent of Green Bananas by K. Santos (Technorati Rank: 16,091 - 505 links from 209 blogs)

The Scent of Green Bananas is the personal blog K. Santos where she shares her opinions and and ideas about food and other new recipes.

 42. Writing on Air by Jim Paredes (Technorati Rank: 16,162 - 328 links from 208 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Jim Paredes, Philippine singer and songwriter and member of the legendary trio, Apo Hiking Society, where he shares his musings and random thoughts.

 43. Escape Blog by Melissa Atienza-Petri (Technorati Rank: 16,455 - 516 links from 204 blogs)

Escape Blog is a different kind of travel blog. This site offers lots of tips on how not to get yourself in trouble while vagabonding abroad, avoiding mistakes in foreign countries and cultural differences.

 44. Tops 2 Bottoms by Sasha Manuel (Technorati Rank: 16,631 - 369 links from 202 blogs)

Tops 2 Bottoms is a beauty, style and fashion blog by Sasha Manuel.

 45. *Jozzua by Elymar Apao (Technorati Rank: 16,972 - 357 links from 198 blogs)

This blog site by Elymar Apao gives you tips on how to make money and information on Technopreneurship.

 46. Europe String by Melissa Atienza-Petri (Technorati Rank: 17,070 - 404 links from 197 blogs)

Europe String is a blog about traveling Europe on a budget.

 47. The After Mac by Dickoy Magdaraog (Technorati Rank: 17,498 - 323 links from 194 blogs)

This is a technology blog from Dickoy Magdaraog.

 48. Manilenya by Nalen (Technorati Rank: 17,724 - 783 links from 192 blogs)

Here's a blog from a Filipina who unabashedly calls herself, "Bobang Pinay" and notes her experiences, opinions and ideas.

 49. Pinoy Big Blogger by Retzwerx (Technorati Rank: 18,697 - 712 links from 183 blogs)

Pinoy Big Blogger is an entertainment blog from Retzwerx.

 50. Cellphone9 by Jayvee Fernandez (Technorati Rank: 12,407 - 656 links from 182 blogs)

Cellphone9 is another technology blog which focuses on mobile phones and the wireless life.

 51. Alleba Blog by Andrew dela Serna (Technorati Rank: 19,116 - 308 links from 181 blogs)

Alleba Blog is Andrew dela Serna’s journal on SEO, Internet Trends, Web Applications, Adsense, Wordpress Programming and Blogging. He also has a personal weblog called "Yeah, Drew".

 52. Self Help Diva by Shai Coggins (Technorati Rank: 18,924 - 322 links from 181 blogs)

Self Help Diva is a blog that helps you to find meaning, purpose, inspiration and beauty in life.

 53. Random Takes by Migs Paraz (Technorati Rank: 20,538 - 420 links from 169 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Carlos Miguel Alvarez Paraz, aka Miguel A Paraz, or just Migs Paraz.

 54. Manila Daily Photo by Analie Astorga (Technorati Rank: 21,722 - 417 links from 160 blogs)

This site is the photoblog by Analie Astorga.

 55. Mga Kwentong Tambay by Nicanor David (Technorati Rank: 21,853 - 1,048 links from 159 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Nicanor David, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). This weblog won the Best OFW Blog Award for 2007 and Best Blogger Award for 2004 from the Philippine Blog Awards.

 56. Let’s Visit Asia by Ruth Schaffer (Technorati Rank: 16,220 - 234 links from 150 blogs)

This is a travel and culture blog by Ruth Schaffer, imparting her discoveries about Asia from events and holidays to cultures and famous destinations.

 57. by Marc Macalua (Technorati Rank: 13,309 - 261 links from 150 blogs)

This blog site by Marc Hil Macalua is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focused blog, with occasional musings about life on and off the SEM battlefield by Marc Hil Macalua, SEO Philippines Founder.

 58. Roland Tanglao’s Weblog by Robert Tanglao (Technorati Rank: 24,220 - 418 links from 143 blogs)

Roland Tanglao’s Weblog is a site where you can get information about mobile, blogs, podcasting, videoblogging, RSS, wikis, social software, and other tech-related topics.

 59. Super Bianca by Bianca Gonzales (Technorati Rank: 24,853 - 190 links from 139 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Bianca Gonzales revealing her thoughts and ideas.

 60. Filipino Librarian by Von Jobi (Technorati Rank: 31,151 - 390 links from 112 blogs)

This blog spot is for those interested in knowing more about the Philippines, Philippine libraries, Filipiniana and Filipino librarians.

 61. SEO Philippines by Marc Macalua (Technorati Rank: 32,683 - 339 links from 107 blogs)

An open blog project where SEO Philippines members can post topics that help push the SEM / SEO agenda in the Philippines.

 62. Katesgasis by Kates Gasis (Technorati Rank: 33,036 - 493 links from 106 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Kates Gasis.

 63. Parallel Universes by Dr. Emer (Technorati Rank: 36,256 - 220 links from 98 blogs)

This site is Dr. Emer's medical blog about recent health issues including occasional personal and daily observations as well.

 64. Market Manila by The Market Man (Technorati Rank: 23,458 - 316 links from 148 blogs)

Market Manila - A food blog that talks about food, produce, recipes, ingredients, restaurants and markets here in the Philippines and around the globe.

 65. Jaypee Online by Jaypee Habaradas (Technorati Rank: 24,775 - 243 links from 141 blogs)

This is the personal blog of John Philip Habaradas. The blog is mostly about blogging news, WordPress theme and plugin reviews, technology, gadgets and the internet.

 66. Notes from the Peanut Gallery by Dean Alfar (Technorati Rank: 26,839 - 301 links from 129 blogs)

This is the personal blog Dean Francis Alfar, a playwright, fictionist, novelist and comic book creator.

 67. Ajay’s Writings on the Wall by Annalyn Jusay (Technorati Rank: 27,249 - 299 links from 127 blogs)

Ajay's Writings On The Wall is the personal weblog of Annalyn S. Jusay, casino executive doubling as Manila Bulletin's technology writer and blog columnist.

 68. Ellen Tordesillas by Ellen Tordesillas (Technorati Rank: 27,889 - 607 links from 124 blogs)

Ellen Tordesillas is an online and print journalist. Her columns in Malaya (Philippine newspaper) are posted in this blog.

 69. Ups And Downs by 'Hezron Mariano (Technorati Rank: 28,641 - 177 links from 121 blogs)

Tagged as: A diary of today's technology, this weblog by Hezron Mariano gives helpful information about computers, technology and the internet. It also provides solutions to computer problems and other techie issues.

 70. Pinoy Travel Blog (Technorati Rank: 29,724 - 419 links from 117 blogs)

This blog is a Filipino guide to Philippine destinations. It aims to promote each and every travel destination of the Philippine's 7,107 islands, serve as a guide to tourists and travellers, and educate the reading public about the great wonders and richness of the Philippine archipelago-all thru the power of blogging.

 71. by Victor Villanueva (Technorati Rank: 34,346 - 306 links from 103 blogs) is the personal blog of Victor Villanueva, a 19 year-old college junior at the University of the Philippines, Diliman taking up BA Film & Audio-Visual Communication.

 72. Wifely Steps by Toni Marikit (Technorati Rank: 34,727 - 279 links from 102 blogs)

Wifely Steps is a place where Toni can share her experiences in married life. It is a blog where she shares some tips on home and living, from recipes to cleaning tips to maintaining positivity and warmth in day-to-day living.

 73. The Sassy Lawyer’s Journal by Connie Veneracion (Technorati Rank: 38,345 - 448 links from 93 blogs)

This blog site is where Connie Veneracion keeps an archive of her twice weekly op-ed column in Manila Standard Today.

 74. Philippine Culture | A Filipino Family on the Web by Manuel Viloria (Technorati Rank: 38,812 - 1,166 links from 92 blogs)

This site is Manuel Viloria's weblog where you'll get to learn about Philippine culture online. Viloria is an ebook, podcasting and videoblogging coach.

 75. Village idiot savant by Dominique Cimafranca (Technorati Rank: 40,164 - 311 links from 89 blogs)

This is the personal blog Dominique Cimafranca.

 76. Rockers World by Karla Vanessa Redor (Technorati Rank: 40,692 - 238 links from 88 blogs)

This is a personal blog and website of Karla Redor. This site has become her means of showing support to the various bands/artists from the local indie scene.

 77. Beautynomics - The Economics of Vanity by Sophia Joyce Uy (Technorati Rank: 41,618 - 415 links from 86 blogs)

This is a beauty blog by Sophia Joyce Uy. Her love for skin care and cosmetics, has rather become an important passion for her that brought life to this blog.

 78. Mental Foreplay Journal by Pam Pastor (Technorati Rank: 43,168 - 173 links from 83 blogs)

Mental Foreplay Journal is the personal blog of Pam Pastor.

 79. Eating the Sun by Ian Casocot (Technorati Rank: 43,693 - 141 links from 82 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Ian Rosales Casocot.

 80. By Jove! by Jove Francisco (Technorati Rank: 44,775 - 206 links from 80 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Jove Francisco.

 81. Now What, Cat? by Cathy Black (Technorati Rank: 45,326 - 555 links from 79 blogs)

The blog is a variety of facts and trivia about politics, science, history, travel, entertainment and all that jazz written in the author's trademark humorous and engaging style.

 82. I Flail at Life [blogging since 1996 by Lauren Dado (Technorati Rank: 33,614 - 162 links from 77 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Lauren Dado.

 83. Ivan About Town by Ivan Henares (Technorati Rank: 34,045 - 207 links from 76 blogs)

This blog is about Ivan Henares' personal travels and heritage advocacy. He is sharing his stories in the hope that people around the country realize that they too can travel around this island paradise called the Philippines.

 84. The failures in life of Mike Villar by Mike Villar (Technorati Rank: 47,170 - 352 links from 76 blogs)

Another blog site of Mike Villar.

 85. gameshogun by JC John SESE Cuneta (Technorati Rank: 34,545 - 1,002 links from 75 blogs)

Gameshogun is a blognetwork where gamers write about their thoughts, their opinions and point-of-views about the world around them.

 86. Pinoy Penman by Jose “Butch” Dalisay Jr. (Technorati Rank: 48,452 - 126 links from 74 blogs)

This site is a continuing chronicle of Jose Dalisay Jr., aka Butch Dalisay, a Filipino collector of old fountain pens, disused PowerBooks, '50s Bulovas, and desktop lint.

 87. Twelve Seven; silly journal (Technorati Rank: 35,028 - 131 links from 74 blogs)

This site is the online album for

 88. Motorcycle Philippines by Bimbo Isidro (Technorati Rank: 49,841 - 184 links from 72 blogs)

This site provides announcements, articles, club news, contests, features, photos, videos and everything you need to know about Motorcycle Philippines.

 89. GeekLamador by Jong Abad (Technorati Rank: 35,987 - 140 links from 72 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Jong Abad.

 90. Newsstand by John Nery (Technorati Rank: 36,495 - 1,202 links from 71 blogs)

This is the personal blog of John Nery, an editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, wearing a number of hats in and out of the newsroom: print journalist; accidental TV producer (from late 2003 to early 2006); occasional reporter; book editor; editorialist and, since July 17, 2007, a once-a-week columnist.

 91. A Gelay Log by Angela Solis (Technorati Rank: 50,606 - 231 links from 71 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Angela Solis, a 21-year old Filipino immigrant residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Der Pinsel means "the (paint) brush" in German, and is the name of her domain that houses several of my web projects from late 2002 up to present.

 92. Byahilo by Eric Dormido (Technorati Rank: 51,362 - 293 links from 70 blogs)

Byahilo is a blog showcasing the best of the Philippines from festivals, to beaches as well as its rich cultural heritage.

 93. Gigi Goes Gaga by Gigi (Technorati Rank: 37,550 - 243 links from 69 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Gigi, sharing her thoughts and adventures.

 94. Mobile Philippines Online (Technorati Rank: 39,939 - 249 links from 65 blogs)

This is the blog site of Mobile Philippines Online where you'll get a bunch of announcements and informations about the cellphone community, internet, audio-video, smartphones, latest gadgets, and a lot more.

 95. (11/12) how now, brownpau? by Paulo Ordoveza (Technorati Rank: 39,939 - 158 links from 65 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Paulo Ordoveza, a web developer in the Philippines.

 96. Pinoy Urban Blog (Technorati Rank: 55,500 - 199 links from 65 blogs)

Pinoy Urban Blog is a blogger's guide to urban living.

 97. English Patis by Celia K (Technorati Rank: 56,437 - 167 links from 64 blogs)

This weblog is about a Filipina who lives in Middle England and dreams of cooking for a living. Writing about Filipino food and cooking and other cuisines is her passion.

 98. allergy-free! (Technorati Rank: 41,236 - 162 links from 63 blogs)

This is Stef's weblog on allergy management with bits and pieces of informations about food, family, life and love.

 99. The Shadow Of Abaniko by Abaniko (Technorati Rank: 41,236 - 144 links from 63 blogs)

This is the personal blog of Abaniko.

 100. PinayExpat by Melissa Atienza-Petri (Technorati Rank: 58,441 - 175 links from 62 blogs)

Melissa Atienza-Petri, also known online as pinayexpat and AnP shares and rambles about parenting and travel.


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