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Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (You Were Weighed But Found Wanting) is a dramatic film that enjoyed both commercial and critical success. It was released in 1974 but until now remains as a great gem in the Philippine Cinema. Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang is a movie about marginal people in the society and how they are easily judged. They are found not able to live up to the standards of society that's why people alienate them. It is directed by Lino Brocka and is written by Mario O'Hara and is considered as one of the 70's key films.


Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang is a film about a small town boy named Junior (Christopher De Leon) as he struggles with his teenage life. He is the only child in a wealthy family, his girlfriend Evangeline (Hilda Koronel) is the prettiest girl in school and he has good set of friends. The story starts to materialize when Junior finds faults in his seemingly perfect life --his father, Cesar (Eddie Garcia) is a womanizer and his materialistic mother Carolina, often argue with each other. His girlfriend is forced to marry his friend Nitoy after they found out that Evangeline carries his child in her womb and further sees the hypocrisies of his townspeople: the women church devotees of his town are a bunch of gossiping fiends.

As he starts to realize his town's faults, he finds acceptance and belonging in the marginal people of his town; the town leper Berto and the town idiot Koala. Despite their appearance and condition, Junior finds himself more attached to the two whom he finds better people than the ones in his town. As Junior becomes closer to the two, his father warns him to stay away from Koala. Junior discovers later on that his father is the man whom Koala loved before she became deranged after she aborted her child.

The drama starts to happen when the women of the town found out that Koala bears the child of Berto, feeling they must intervene. Berto, despite his strong affection for Koala, chooses to submit to the orders of the people more prominent in his town, to stay away from Koala.

The movie ends with both Koala and Berto dead before the eyes of the whole town.


The movie is based from a lot of many things. First, the title is from the biblical verse Daniel 5:27 which quotes, "Tekel, you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting." The movie is a modern take on the Jose Rizal novel, Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) that also talks about social injustice from the point of view of a young lad, Ibarra and takes the life of Junior in the film. Koala is also the film's equivalent to the novel's Sisa, the deranged woman of the town. But the movie can also be related to Lino Brocka's life in the character of both Junior and Milagros, the woman who seduces Junior which only lefts him with questions about carnality. Junior in his thirst for something different and Milagros for like the character in the story, they both share the sentiments of being a love child of a politician.


Actor Character Name
Lolita Rodriguez Kuala
Lilia Dizon Mrs. Carolina Blanco
Eddie Garcia Mr. Cesar Blanco
Mario O'Hara Bertong Ketong
Hilda Koronel Evangeline Ortega
Christopher De Leon Junior
Alicia Alonzo
Joseph Sytangco Nitoy
Rosa Aguirre
Lorli Villanueva Mrs. Sy
Lily Miraflor
Joonee Gamboa Eddie's father
Ernie Zarate Dr. Ambrosio Ortega
Mely Mallari
Estrella Kuenzler
Cita Javellana
Ursula Carlos
Lota Garcia
Anita Linda
Laurice Guillen Milagros
Orlando Nadres (as Orlando R. Nadres)
Bey Vito Eddie
Jerry O'Hara Joel
Lupa Lupa
The Peta Kalinangan Ensemble
Rolly Papasin
Nina Lorenzo
Melvi Pacubas
Paz Brosas
Dante Balawis (as Dante Balois)
Lito Cruz
Fred Alvarez
Erning David
Edwardo Montiel
Robert Miller
Minda D. Azarcon (as Minda Azarcon)
Chito Ponce Enrile Domeng
Roger Mariscal
Max Azacon
Lily Gamboa Mendoza
Alvi Mendoza


Year Film Festival Award Recipient
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Actor Christopher De Leon
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Actress Lolita Rodriguez
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Director Lino Brocka
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Musical Score Lutgardo Labad
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Picture Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Theme Song Emmanuel Lacaba for Awit ni Koala
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Supporting Actor Mario O'Hara (nominee)
1975 FAMAS Awards Best Supporting Actress Laurice Guillen (nominee)


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