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Tinik sa Dibdib is a komiks novel written by Nerissa Cabral and serialized in the pages of Espesyal Komiks[1].


Lando is married to Lorna. He took on the huge responsibility of taking care of his widowed aunt Trixia and her two children, the youngest being a moron. Because of his obligations to his aunt's family, his relationship with his wife Lorna has not been as happy and ideal as they would have liked. Aside from being needy and dependent on Lando, Trixia has been very close to Lando, a fact that is very much seen by Lorna. A deep dark secret will be eventually revealed to Lorna: that Lando and Trixia is involved romantically and that Trixia's youngest child is Lando's. In the end, Lorna will be slowly relieved of the thorns that has been weighing down on her chest.


The novel was adapted into a movie by Viva Films, and helmed by director Leroy Salvador in 1985. The movie stars the iconic Nora Aunor as Lorna and Philip Salvador as Lando[2].


  • The film received citation from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (Famas) in 1985 for Best Child Actor and Best Supporting Actress in recognition of the performance of actors Jaypee de Guzman and Dina Bonnevie, respectively[3].
  • Director Lino Brocka was the initial choice for directing the film adaptation. Brocka wanted actress Hilda Koronel to play the lead role but Viva Films could not wait for Hilda, who was then trimming down her weight. Viva wanted to start production on the movie promptly, as it was part of its anniversary offering in 1985 so the project went to Leroy Salvador with Nora Aunor in the lead[4].
  • This line from the movie, "Sa natatandaan ko Itay, mula ng maliliit pa kami wala kayong naibigay sa amin, ni isang latang gatas! Oo nga pala... marami...dito... mga tinik sa dibdib!!, was featured in an online news website as one of the most memorable lines[5] in Philippine Cinema.

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