Third World Project (comics)

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Third World Project is a science fiction title created by Ruel M. Sarmiento and released in the independently-published anthology comic book PaperClip Komics.


Chapter 1

In a not so distant future a new breed of vigilantes rise to put criminals on the scythes of death. Agile, nimble, wielders of brute strength and power, nothing seems to stop them from hunting the wrong-doers of society.

Rye Nardo has been involved with organized crime to survive and care for his ailing mother. The end doesn't justify the means, and this puts him next on death row. However, the man called Vathalla has other intentions in capturing him.

Chapter 2

Years after his capture, Rye has become a cold and brutal death-bringer. The story brings us back to that fateful day when Rye's hunter, Kao-al, faced a perilous decision to bring him down. And this disturbing news came to the attention of the Council of Apos.

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