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The Walls of Hell, also known as Intramuros, is a 1964 film that was directed by two of the country's finest directors, Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero, and starred one of its most popular action stars, Fernando Poe, Jr. The film stands as an important piece of Filipino film history.[1][2] The movie is an action film set during World War II that dramatizes the Japanese army's last stand in the walled city of Intramuros.

It was a co-production between Filipino and American filmmakers[3] and was based on the novel The Real Glory by Charles L. Clifford (London, 1938).[4]


In the final days of the battle of Manila during World War II, Japanese forces barricade themselves in Intramuros in Manila. They hold Filipinos captive despite American bombardment of the city.

A Filipino fighter, Nardo, escapes the walled city and makes contact with American soldiers led by Lieutenant Sorenson. Nardo proposes a plan to rescue the remaining prisoners through the tunnel he escaped from. Sorenson learns that his Filipina wife, Tina, is still alive and is among the prisoners, prompting him to agree to Nardo's plan. The rescue, which coincides with an attack by American forces on Intramuros, is a success.

The devastating Battle of Intramuros all but destroyed the city, and left thousands dead, but marked the end of Japan's occupation of the Philippines.[3][5]

Production Crew


  • Gerardo de Leon
  • Eddie Romero

Production Company

  • Filipinas Productions
  • Hemisphere Pictures


  • Eddie Romero
  • Kane Lynn (Executive Producer)


  • Ferde Grofe Jr.
  • Cesar Amigo
  • Eddie Romero

Director of Photography

  • Felipe Sacdalan


  • Tito Arevalo

Cast Members

  • Jock Mahoney as Lt. Sorenson
  • Fernando Poe Jr. as Nardo
  • Michael Parsons as Papa
  • Cecilia Lopez as Tina
  • Oscar Roncal as Joker
  • Vance Skarstedt as The Captain (Vance)
  • Paul Edwards Jr. as Murray
  • Claude Wilson as The Major
  • Ely Ramos Jr.
  • Angel Buenaventura
  • Carpi Asturias
  • Arsenio Alonso
  • Pedro Navarro
  • Tommy Romulo
  • Fred Galang
  • Alex Swanbeck
  • Jess Montalban
  • Ben Sanchez
  • Reynaldo Sibal

Technical Specifications

The film runs for 1 hour and 35 minutes (1 hour, 28 minutes in the U.S.). It was shot in black and white with a theatrical aspect ratio of 1.37:1, and audio was mixed in Mono. The film length was 10 reels, or 8,670 feet.[8][4]


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