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The Raiders of Leyte Gulf or Raiders of Leyte is a 1963 World War II film directed by Eddie Romero and Written by Carl Kuntze and E.F. Romero. It depicts fictional events prior to one of the war's key Pacific battles.[1] It was produced by Lynro Pictures.


Emmett Wilson, an American soldier, is doing reconnaissance near the island of Leyte in the Philippines. Captured by the Japanese, Wilson is brought to a POW camp where the Japanese torture him, hoping to obtain information about the impending invasion. When Wilson won't talk, the Japanese begin killing one innocent Filipino a day until he'll divulge the information. Already incensed, the Filipino rebels receive help in the form of an American paratrooper who organizes a raid to free Wilson.[2] Some time later, Gen. Douglas MacArthur returns to the Philippines.[3]

Production Crew

  • Kane W. Lynn - Executive Producer[4][5]
  • Director/Producer - Eddie Romero
  • Carl Kuntze - Writer (uncredited)
  • Eddie Romero - Writer
  • Felipe Sacdalan - Cinematography (uncredited)
  • Aresnio Doña - Photographer
  • Eddie Romero - Editor (uncredited)

Cast Members


The Raiders of Leyte Gulf was released in January 1963, and distributed by Hemisphere Pictures and Manhattan Films Internatioal. It premiered in New York on August 19, 1963.[6]

The film did well overseas but did not make much money at all in the United States. Kane Lynn arranged a daring publicity stunt at a Texas drive-in theater in which a man would jump out of a plane and parachute down into the drive-in lot. A large crowd of people showed up to watch the stunt, but left the lot as soon as it was over without staying to see the film.[7]

Technical Specifications

The film runs for 1 hour and 20 minutes. It was shot in black and white, and its audio was mixed in Mono.[6]


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