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El Indio is an adventure komiks novel written and illustrated byFrancisco V. Coching and published in the pages of Pilipino Komiks from 1952 - 1953. It tells the story of Fernando, a handsome and dashing colored Spanish mestizo who went back to the Philippines to exact revenge on his father who he believed abandoned him and his mother Blanquita. There he discovered the cruel and oppressive colonial government, and joined the rebels in the fight against the oppressors as El Indio. El Indio was the sequel to Coching's popular series, Sabas, Ang Barbaro and is the most popular and most succesful of all his comic novels and in Philippine komiks history. It was adapted into film in the following year, 1953. In 2004, Filipino artist and writer Gerry Alanguilan started on the restoration of El Indio with the help of Francisco V. Coching Foundation. Alanguilan, assisted by Zara Macandili, took on the huge task of digitally restoring the unbound, published pages of El Indio printed on newsprint, as hardly any of Coching's original art exists today. In 2007, El Indio was chosen as one of the Top 100 Pinoy Komiks as pooled by the editors of (read more)

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Tagalog Klasiks was first published in 1949 and is the third komiks-magazine in the Philippines, after Halakhak Komiks (1946), and Pilipino Komiks (1947). This komiks-magazine was published by Ace Publications, which was the largest publisher of komiks-magazines during that time. The very early issues of Tagalog Klasiks were patterned after the American comics Classics Illustrated, and indeed, some of the serials were taken from American comics although translated into Tagalog.

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