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The Manila Times is the oldest existing English-language newspaper in the Philippines.[1] It was founded on October 11, 1898, and was originally intended for American settlers in the country.[2]


The Manila Times was founded on October 11, 1898 by Thomas Gowan, an Englishman who is living in the Philippines.[3] The newspaper was founded shortly after news broke out that Spain and the United States will be signing the Treaty of Paris, which marks the end of the Spanish-American War and the occupation of the Philippines by the Americans.[4] The newspaper's offices were then located in Escolta in Manila.[5]

In 1899, Gowan sold the newspaper to its business manager, George Sellner, who in turn, sold it to a group of American businessmen in 1902.[6] Sellner then reacquired it three year later.[7] However, Sellner sold it again in 1907 to Thomas C. Kinney.[8] On July 25, 1914, the newspaper moved its offices at the Cosmopolitan Building in Binondo.[9]

From 1918 to 1921, the newspaper was under the ownership of Manuel L. Quezon.[10] Quezon eventually sold it to Hawaiian Senator George H. Fairchild.[11] In 1926, Fairchild sold the newspaper to Jacob Rosenthal.[12]

On December 10, 1928, the Cosmopolitan Building, where the offices of the newspaper was located, was burned down.[13] Rosenthal then forced to sell the newspaper to D.H. Thibault, the general manager of Tribune-Vanguardia-Taliba (TVT) publications, which is owned by Don Alejandro Roces, Sr.[14] In 1930, the newspaper ceased operations.[15]

After 15 years, the newspaper resumed operations in 1945 under TVT publications, now under the ownership of Joaquin "Chino" Roces.[16] Its first issue since its revival was published on May 27, 1945 as The Sunday Times.[17] Eventually, the first daily issue of The Manila Times was published on September 5, 1945.[18]

The newspaper ceased operations in September 1972 after martial law was declared by President Ferdinand Marcos.[19] In 1986, the Roces family revived the newspaper once again.[20] Three years after, they sold the newspaper to John Gokongwei.[21]

In 1999, the newspaper ceased operations once again.[22] Afterwards, it was bought by Mark Jimenez, a close associate of President Joseph Estrada.[23] In August 2001, the newspaper was sold to its present owner, Dante Ang.[24]


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