The Covid-19 Handbook of Care: Caring for Family, Community, and Nation

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Cover of Covid-19 Handbook of Care by Vibal.

THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC caused by the coronavirus disease called COVID-19 has caused havoc, suffering, and heroic sacrifices on the part of millions in the Philippines and the world. The COVID-19 Handbook of Care has been prepared for you by the Vibal editorial staff to keep you up to date and informed about this highly contagious disease. Only reported in December 2019, the virus that causes this disease is completely novel, making it the wellspring of widespread rumors, half-truths, and even hoaxes.

This handbook can be used as your guide on basic and research-based information on COVID-19 diagnosis, caregiving, as well as health and community guidelines derived from various countries whose experience in combating this disease has furnished us with valuable information. The handbook also provides at-a-glance summaries and situation reports, answers to commonly asked questions, a glossary, and links to further research. Only the most highly regarded sources have been used to compile this handbook.

Wherever possible, references have been made to original scientific or medical research, which allows the reader to do further independent reading. Please feel free to pass or remix this compendium of scientific and useful information that can help protect yourself, your loved ones, the community, and the nation. It is published under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA, allowing you to share it alike with attribution for non-commercial purposes. The handbook is updated regularly in order that only the most accurate, relevant, and verified information is shared.


  1. Covid-19: The Basics
  2. Diagnosing Covid-19
  3. Covid-19 Care Guidelines
  4. Covid-19 and Global Socioeconomic and Health Issues
  5. Answers to Common Covid-19 Questions


  1. Covid-19: A Timeline
  2. Covid-19 Glossary


A 2020 compilation provided with a Creative Commons license BYSC-SA (Attribution + Noncommercial + Share Alike) by Vibal Group. Inc. This handbook is freely shared and can be further disseminated by the public for non-commercial purposes.

DISCLAIMER: This handbook contains information obtained from private, public and international sources. The information provided in this book is provided purely for education and is not a substitute to any established medical or scientific treatment. The information is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied, of any approved therapeutic claims. The author and the publisher do not warrant or represent the information contained therein is curative, true, accurate, or complete. Furthermore, no medical advice should be taken from this text as an alternative or substitute to medical advice from a doctor. The author and the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the reported benefits, medicinal, or otherwise, or the consequences of readers’s use of the information. This compilation is meant for general and educational use, as well as a springboard for the readers’s further studies. Do not rely or use any information contained in this book as an alternative or substitute to medical advice from a professional healthcare provider. If you have any existing health condition, do not use any information in this book as an alternative or substitute to medical advice from a professional healthcare provider. If you have any existing health condition, do not use any information in this book as an alternative cure or substitute treatment. You should consult your doctor immediately, especially if you are suffering from any major illness. Do not delay in seeking their medical help, disregard their advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of any information supplied in this book. Nothing in this medical disclaimer will limit any of our liabilities in any way that is not permitted under applicable law, or exclude any of our liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.

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