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Music has always been deeply ingrained in the Filipino soul. The pre-Hispanic Filipino had music for every aspect of life, from birth to death and everything in between. Their music, along with their traditional instruments, still lives on among the indigenous Filipinos to this day. Over the centuries, Philippine music evolved to become what it is today-- a unique blend of both Eastern and Western traditions, yet remaining, as always, a reflection of the hopes and frustrations, longings and dreams, and failures and triumphs of the Filipino.

From the oyayi to the kundiman to Manila Sound to OPM to alternative rock and hip-hop, the Encyclopedia of Philippine Music seeks to trace this evolution of Philippine music from its indigenous roots to its modern-day genres.

WikiPilipinas also pays tribute to the Filipino musicians and musical performers, many of whom have been recognized for their talent both locally and internationally. Cecile Licad, Atang de la Rama, Lea Salonga, Smokey Mountain, the Eraserheads, and Jake Zyrus are among them, and many others whose stories and music help to inspire us.

WikiPilipinas invites every Filipino to visit and contribute to this encyclopedia. Help us tell the world about the depth of the Filipino love of music and the richness of the Filipino musical heritage.