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Some think of fashion as nothing else but shallowness and for socialites only. If that's the case, then everyone's a little bit shallow and superficial sometimes, because whether you admit it or not, fashion plays a key role in a person's everyday life. A CEO of the company attends his meeting wearing a coat and tie, that's fashion. A jeepney driver sports his usual white shirt with his favorite tattered jeans, that's his take on fashion. An average college student walks in her school's hallway with a nerdy looking spectacles and a dress a la Gossip Girl, that's her style.

See, people in every walk of life express their fashion and sense of style without them actually noticing it. Whether the clothes you don makes people want to ask "Who are you wearing?" or even if it came from the most jologs place on earth, it doesn't really matter, as long as you feel comfortable and can express yourself in what you are wearing, then that's perfectly okay. Fashion is not about the price of the clothes you wear, it's about how you carry it and even make the little bits of pieces in your granny's vintage treasure chest work.

WikiPilipinas knows that no matter what age range you came from, there's always this side of you that has been fascinated with fashion even once in your life. And this is where Philippine Fashion Special Portal enters the catwalk and steals the spotlight. The special portal on Philippine Fashion concentrates on compiling information on everything about the fashion industry here in the Philippines.

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