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Filipinos have always been known for their ingenuity and resourcefulness. From their clothings, homes, and weapons of war, they have always been creative in selecting and creating the most useful yet unique materials. The very same ideals have crossed over to the country's most popular and well-loved recreational activity--its games.

WikiWorx: Laro is a digital archive of traditional and modern Filipino games. It compiles articles on games--terminologies, instruments, mechanics, gameplay, and even techniques. More than just sheer enjoyment, the one thousand and one games have brought friends and families closer together. From duels, team-ups, to entire neighborhood plays, Filipinos have discovered that games are yet another way to strengthen ties not just with relatives but with the community as well.

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The cards used in the Filipino game called teks are very small, about a quarter of the size of regular playing cards. Featured in the cards are cartoon storyboard clips of local films complete with characters' dialogues and action sequences. The game relies heavily on betting but is decided by flicking the teks in the air.


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Holen (Marbles) is a traditional game played by Filipino children. The object of the game is to win the marbles of other players through a targeting competition.

The first player tosses a marble on the ground. The second player tries to hit the marble by tossing his marble at it. If the second player is successful, he wins the marble.s If not, the first player gets a turn to try and hit the second player's marble. Another variation of the game is done by hitting a target by rolling your marble through into a hole.


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