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Spanish Colonization Period
Major Battles: Battle of ManilaBattle of La NavalBattle of BatangasBattle of BinakayanBattle of ImusBattle of MactanBattle of Pasong SantolBattle of BangkusaySiege of BalerSpanish-Moro Wars
Revolts and Uprisings: Sulayman RevoltLakandula RevoltFirst Pampanga RevoltTondo Conspiracy of 1587Magalat RevoltIgorot RevoltBankaw RevoltIraya RevoltCaraga RevoltMalolos RevoltSumuroy RebellionManiago Revolt

American Occupation Period
Phil-Am Wars:Mock Battle of ManilaBattle of ManilaBattle of QuinguaBattle of Zapote BridgeBattle of PayeSiege of CatubigBattle of MakahambusBattle of DoloresBattle of Corregidor
Revolts and Uprisings: Rafael Perea UprisingSakdal Uprising
Japanese Occupation Period
Guerrilla warfares
World War II in the Islands
Major Battles: Battle of BataanBattle of CorregidorBattle of the Philippine SeaBattle of Leyte GulfBattle of the Sibuyan SeaBattle of Surigao StraitBattle of Cape EngañoBattle of SamarBattle of LeyteBattle of LuzonBattle of MindoroBattle of Ormoc BayInvasion of Lingayen GulfBattle for BataanBattle for CorregidorBattle of MindanaoBattle of the VisayasBattle for ManilaBattle of CorregidorBattle of Bataan

Contemporary Period
1898 Coup d' etatFirst People Power RevolutionSecond People Power Revolution2006 State of EmergencyOakwood MutinyManila Pen Standoff
Islamic Insurgencies
Sirungan and Buisan UprisingDatu Ache UprisingDatu Dipatuan UprisingDatu Salicaya UprisingDatu Utto RevoltPangiyan Inchi Jamila RevoltAmai Pakpak RevoltBattle of Bud DajoBattle of Bud BagsakVicente Alvarez RevoltNicolas Capistrano RevoltPanglima Hassan RevoltNakib Amil Uprising

History is rendered exciting by the many stories of battles, rebellions and social movements which range from the violent, bloody ones to the peaceful people power. Precolonial Philippines is often glorified as a harmonious and bountiful period. The advent of colonialism ushered the beginning of a tumultuous history marked by exploitation and oppression which resulted in numerous revolts, social movements and revolutions that have defined the character of the Filipino people.

The nature of battles and rebellions in Philippine history ranged from personal, religious, economic, civic to political motives. Weaponry was never an issue in Philippine battles, because what really mattered were the rudiments that a group or an individual is fighting for. This is what WikiPilipinas' Portal: Aklas is highlighting – the futile events commemorating the heroism and principles of people in history.

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Featured Article


Battle of Corregidor (1942)

Japanese artillery against Corregidor.jpg

Corregidor's strategic location, network of tunnels, array of defensive armament and strong fortifications were the reasons why many army operations aspired to get hold of the land. After the fall of Bataan on 9 April 1942, the U.S. Army Forces Far East ended all their attacks against the Japanese invaders in Luzon. (read more)

Featured Photo


The Attack of Limahong

Ataque de Li-ma-hong á Manila en 1574; reseña histórica de aquella memorable jornada .. (IA ataquedelimahong00caro).pdf

Lim Ah Hong (pronounced as Limahong), also known as Lin Tao Kien, was a Chinese pirate who invaded the northern islands of the Philippines and tried to seize the City of Manila from the Spanish in 1574. He was born as Dim Mhon in Cuytan province in China. This photo shows a book cover depicting the attack.

Read the main article on Limahong and learn more.

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