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Rizal through the Years
Birth and Formative YearsThe Rizal FamilyAcademic LifeTravels and AdventuresPersecution and Exile in DapitanTrial and Martyrdom at Bagumbayan
Literary Works of Rizal
Novels: Noli Me TangereEl FilibusterismoMakamisa
Poems: Mi Ultimo AdiosSa Aking mga KabataA La Juventud FilipinaMe Piden VersosFelicitacion
Speeches: La MasoneriaSpeech in Honor of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo
Essays: Por TelefonoLa Vision de Fray RodriguezMadrid
Plays: Junto al PasigEl Consejo de los Dioses
Rizal Family
Francisco MercadoTeodora AlonsoSaturnina PacianoNarcisaOlympia LuciaMariaConcepcion JosefaTrinidadSoledad
People He Met
Women of Rizal: Leonor RiveraJosephine BrackenSegunda Katigbak
Men of Rizal: Ferdinand BlumentrittKarl UllmerValentin Ventura
Mentors and Colleagues:Fr. Francisco Paula de SanchezLouis de Wecker
Critiques: Wenceslao E. RetanaFr. Pablo Pastells
Rizal on Silverscreen
La Pasion Y Muerte de Dr. RizalRizal sa DapitanJose Rizal
Republic Act No. 1425Act No. 137Act No. 243

Jose Rizal is considered a genius the world over. The breadth of his skills was remarkably extensive—his talents easily crossing over from the arts to the sciences and back again. Aside from being a novelist, inventor, doctor, and linguist, he was also a son, patriot, friend, and lover. His two famous novels, literary masterpieces in themselves, awakened an urgently needed sense of nation among his countrymen, eventually igniting a nationwide call for independence. Because of his innumerable contributions to various fields of knowledge locally and internationally, he is widely regarded as the "Pride of the Malay Race". He has left an indelible imprint of himself and the people he represented in every place he visited—-Manila, Dapitan, Hawaii, Spain, Germany, USA, and even the Czech Republic.

WikiPilipinas pays tribute to the Philippines' National Hero Jose Rizal through the Encyclopedia Rizaliana. The Encyclopedia features articles on the life and times of Rizal, in an effort to raise the Filipino's appreciation of him and his works. The Portal contains articles about Rizal's childhood, his family, his education, his novels and other works, his friends and contemporaries, and even his women. Together with Filipiniana.net's Rizaliana: The Complete Jose Rizal which showcases all known cultural output of Rizal, WikiPilipinas hopes to become the foremost authority on Jose Rizal.

WikiPilipinas invites every Filipino to read and contribute to the Encyclopedia Rizalina. Learn about our country's hero and help tell the world about him!

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Dulce Estranjera

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...slender, a chestnut blond, with blue eyes, dressed with elegant simplicity, with an atmosphere of light (gaiety).

Read the main article on Josephine Bracken.

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Rizal in Dapitan

Jose Rizal had maximized his stay in Dapitan by devoting much of his time in improving his artistic and literary skills; doing agricultural and civic projects; engaging in business activities, and writing letters to his friends in Europe, particularly to Ferdinand Blumentritt and Reinhold Rost. His careers and achievements in different fields were as follows:

  • As a physician, Rizal provided free medicine to his patients, most of them were underprivileged.
  • As an educator, Rizal established a school in Dapitan which was attended by 16 young boys from prominent families. Instead of charging them for the matriculation, he made the students do community projects for him like maintaining his garden and field.
  • As an inventor, little was known of Rizal. In 1887, during his medical practice in Calamba, he invented a special type of lighter called sulpukan which he sent to Blumentritt as a gift. Read more.

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