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Philippine Folklore
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Folk Narratives
The Creation of the WorldWhy the Sea Is SaltWhy the Filipinos are Flat-NosedThe Great Flood

MaragtasThe Legend of the Seven IslandsThe HinilawodThe Story of BantuganThe Legend of Mariang Makiling

The Monkey and the TurtleThe Three PrincesThe Unkind SonPilandok and ArimaongaJuan the Fool

Folk Epic
Biag ni Lam-angHudhud ni AliguyonThe HinilawodRajah IndarapatraTud Bulul

Folk Speech
Folk Songs
Sarong BanggiAtin Cu Pung SingsingManang BidayBahay KuboO Ilaw
Mythical Deities
Aman SinayaBathalaGugurangIdianaleKan-LaonMalyari
Epic Heroes
Princess UrdujaBernardo CarpioDatu DayaKalantiawJuan Tamad
Mythical Creatures
Adarna birdAswangDiwataKapreManananggalNuno sa PunsoSigbinTikbalang

There is an immense abundance of literary works reminiscent of Filipino folk traditions from the pre-Hispanic indigenous Austronesian civilizations, influences from the hundred years of Spanish colonization, and development of Western ideologies. Ancient folk literature of different ethnic groups in the Philippines includes a repertoire of oral literature that varies from folk tales, epics, poems, and chants that have always been part of the early days. These were mostly imparted through word of mouths to the generations that followed along with many traditional beliefs and superstitions. Hence, the tales about Bathala, Mariang Makiling, Lam-ang, aswangs, and other mythical creatures and deities have been continuously circulating across the islands for centuries now.

WikiPilipinas hopes to establish the Encyclopedia of Philippine Folklore as a repository of knowledge of accounts of the country's folk literature based on Prof. Damiana Eugenio's classification of folk narratives, folk speech, and folk songs. In this encyclopedia, WikiPilipinas also recognizes the diversity of Filipinos' beliefs and traditions present in every ethnic groups in the Philippines. Moreover, the enrichment of both aspects through the years of tremendous cross-cultural integration.

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Featured Epic Hero


Princess Urduja

Princess Urduja is a mythical, legendary warrior-princess who ruled the kingdom of Tawalisi in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. Several scholars and researchers have taken accounts about the legendary existence Princess Urduja during the ancient times. A historical account about Princess Urduja was found in the travelogues of Ibn Battuta. Read more.

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Philippine Mythology

Si Malakas at si Maganda

Philippine mythology is a collection of tales and superstitions about magical creatures and entities. Long before science could explain the phenomena of the world, mythology provided the answers to questions about strange events, as well as the origin of almost every being. Even with the influence of the Westerners and Christianity, some Filipinos still believe in such entities. Philippine mythology is prevalent in the provinces where people still believe in magical entities even at present.

Philippine mythology is diverse due to the geographical composition of the Philippines. With its many islands, the Philippines is composed of different ethnic groups which have different beliefs and influences. Yet, there are still certain similarities... Read more.

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