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The popular comedy duo Pugo at Togo.Photo collection of Dennis Villegas

Pugo and Togo -a popular Filipino comedy tandem in Philippine movies during the 1940s up to 1960s. Mariano Contreras starred as the bald headed Pugo together with Togo. During the Japanese Occupation, the tandem was renamed Tuguing and Puguing. This was made because Togo sounds similar to Tojo who was the Prime Minister of Japan during the early 1940s.

Their brand of humour consisted of short skits, slapstick, and funny dialogues presented in Manila's theathers, most particularly Clover Theater and Avenue Theater.

In one skit, Togo would ask what is the time and Pugo would held up his wrist wearing four or five watches satirizing the Japanese soldier's fondness for watches. In another skit, Pugo would ask Togo who is he waiting and he would just answer "Si Uncle" meaning Uncle Sam which is the United States. In another skit, Pogo would give a monologue caricaturing a Japanese official proclaiming that he "loved the Philippines" but pronounces the word "love" as "rob" making fun of the Japanese people's mispronounciation of the letter "l" and "r."

More often than not, the Japanese Kempetai would haul the two comedians to Fort Santiago for interrogation. After two or three days with bruises and cuts incurred from the Kempetai, the funny thing is that the Japanese always let them go.