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Teks is a popular Filipino card game played by children. The cards used in the game (called teks) are very small, about a quarter of the size of regular playing cards. Featured in the cards are cartoon storyboard clips of local films complete with characters' dialogues and action sequences. The game relies heavily on betting which side will come up, and is decided by flicking the teks in the air. Some players slap the cards against each other in a high five for added effect. Players usually favor a specific card to use as the card they'll flip while all the other cards are basically act as betting currency. Children have devised numerous ways to affect the outcome of the flip. Some fold the card a certain way while some use the cards most softened by age.

The cards are usually stored in shoeboxes or, for larger collections, standing biscuit tins.

Counting method

Teks players use a method of counting the cards unique to the game: they count two cards for each numerical number said aloud, in a cadance that splits the spoken number's syllables in two. The odd card will be counted by a 'cha', meaning 'and a half', at the end of the counting.


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