Tapar Revolt (1663)

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Brief History

Tapar was a babaylan from Panay. He was known for founding a religious cult that merged Catholic religious practices with traditional rituals. He persuaded the native people to join his group. It was also during this time when the people felt estranged from the Spanish friars because of their prevalent misdemeanor and misdeeds.

The growing religious following of Tapar reached the Spanish parish priest, Fr. Francisco de Mesa, and he criticized their unorthodox practices. The followers of Tapar were agitated and they executed the parish priest for condemning their religious movement. The Spanish authority knew about the incident and they launched an attack to quell the emergence of the new religion. Tapar and his members were killed in the battle. Their corpses were put on a stake to impose a warning to those would incite further rebellion. [1][2]


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