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Template:PH wikidata, officially the Template:PH wikidata (Template:Lang-ceb; Template:Lang-tl), is a Template:PH wikidata [[Cities of the Philippines#Legal classification|Template:PH wikidata]] in the province of Template:PH wikidata, Template:PH wikidata. According to the Template:PH wikidata, it has a population of Template:PH wikidata people.Template:PH census

The city was formerly called Regidor until 1930 when it was given its current name.[1]


Tangub is located on the northern shores of Panguil Bay.


Tangub is politically subdivided into 55 barangays. Template:Columns-list


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In the Template:PH wikidata, the population of Tangub was Template:PH wikidata people,Template:PH census with a density of Template:Convert.


Tangub, through its Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe, is a regular participant of the Sinulog Festival, a festival held in Cebu City. This festival is the pageantry of sights, sounds and colors as it honors and pays homage to the patron saint of Cebu, Sr. Santo Niño, the child Jesus. The highlights of the festival is from January 9–18, yearly. Tangub City has won a record of twelve grand champion streak in the Sinulog-Based Category of the festival.

Through the recent years, Tangub has been popularly dubbed as the Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines.

Tangub City has its own festival - Dalit Festival. It is in honor of the city's patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel. It is celebrated every 29 September-the feast day of St. Michael. It is participated by the city's baranggays through clusters represented by local schools.

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