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Tagalog Klasiks was first published in 1949 and is the third komiks-magazine in the Philippines, after Halakhak Komiks(1946), and Pilipino Komiks(1947). This komiks-magazine was published by Ace Publications, which was the largest publisher of komiks-magazines during that time.

The very early issues of Tagalog Klasiks were patterned after the American comics Classics Illustrated, and indeed, some of the serials were taken from american comics although translated into Tagalog.

Early Serials in Tagalog Klasiks

  1. Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang by Severino Reyes and Pedrito Reyes, and illustrated by Jess Ramos
  2. Si Dr. Jekyll at Mr. Hyde (a Tagalog translation of the one serialized in Classics Illustrated]]
  3. Ang Tatlong Muskitero by Alexander Dumas and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala
  4. Buhay ng Mga Poon by Clodualdo del Mundo and Fred Carrillo
  5. Gorio at Tekla by Mars Ravelo
  6. Roberta by Mars Ravelo
  7. Nicomedes by Angel Ad Santos and Nestor Redondo
  8. Ang Payaso by Noly Panaligan

Tagalog Klasiks ceased publication in 1963 after a strike in Ace Publications closed the company. It was revived in 1964 by Pilipino Komiks, Inc. only to be transferred to another sister-company, Atlas Publications, where it remained up to 2005, when Atlas decided to shelve the title.

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