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Taboy is another sub-tribe of Agta in Bicol region concentrated in the island of Rapu-rapu, Albay, both the coastal sea and the inland.

Estimated to be 1,500 in numbers in 1987, Taboys can be described somewhat similar to the Cimarron and Tabangnon of Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte. Physically, they have dark, brown skin, trimmed nose, yellowish brown hair, lean mascular body, and average height often less than five feet tall.

Their main means of subsistence are fishing, trade and working as laborers. Taboys living along coastal areas sell some for purchase of rice and other household needs. They gather nipa (palm) leaves and make it into nipa shingles for additional income. They also gather mangrove trees for firewood and charcoal for sale. Others go to mainland Albay and work as laborers.

Most Taboys' customs and practices show strong influences from the lowlanders. Unlike other tribes, they freely choose their life-partners without the intervention of the parents. Since marriage rites are not practiced, they just live as common husband and wife. They also practice polygamy but those who are Catholic converts institute marriage and monogamy. They respect their elders whom they consult for whatever problems they have.




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