Sultanate of Maguindanao

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For the province, see Maguindanao

The Sultanate of Maguindanao was a Muslim Malay state that ruled parts of the island of Mindanao, in southern Philippines.

Its known historical influence stretches from the peninsula of Zamboanga to the bay of Sarangani. At its peak, the sultanate covered the entire island of Mindanao, and ruled over the smaller neighboring islands near and around Mindanao.


Sultanate of Maguindanao is a Muslim State in the Southern Philippines founded by an Arabian/Malaccan religious preacher by the named of SHARIFF ALI KABUNSUAN. He is the son of Shariff Mohamad Zainol Abeden (a great grand son of Prophet Mohamad) and Potre Diosol Asekin, (daughter of Paramesowara - known as Sultan Iskandar Dhul-Qarnayn of Malacca Sultanate to Potre Sandore of Aceh.

Shariff Ali Kabunsuan first landed on the other side of T'BOK river, fronting T'Bok settlement, T'bok, Lanao del Sur, one of the oldest town in the Philippine some where in the fourteenth century, particularly in 1415. He built his residence in the area because of the beautiful crystal like river. When he first perform his calls to prayer, called "Bang" in the local dialect, the people on the other side of the river were amazed and frightened by the loud voice (Big Bang), people surrounded him and observed what he is doing and asked him later on the loud voice made. Shariff Ali Kabunsuan told them that its a call to prayer. So the people named the place of residence of Kabunsuan as MALA BANG, which means big bang and so from now on the place including the origianl T"BOK was called MALABANG, Lanao del Sur. All the people of T'bok embraced Islam and Shariff Ali Kabunsuan as their Supreme Leader and since he became Leader he is now called SULTAN OR SHARIFF.

Because of his mission on preaching and the propagation of Islamic Faith in the area, he proceeded to the Pulangi River and first meet two native by the name of Tabunaway and his brother Mamalo. Now, since these people were not yet islamized, Shariff Kabunsuan has to perform circumcision in the area, now called "Katore" before they will be required to perform the "SAHAD". Since Shariff Kabunsuan has been frequenting in the area to continously teach the people about Islamic Faith, he married the adopted sister of Tabunaway by name of POTRE TONINA, & got two 3 child, then, again married Bai Maherang of Simuay & got 2 child. When his first wife in T'bok by the name of Potre Angentabo died earlier because they have only two children, he remarried the niece of Angentabo by name of Potre Mazhawang and begot 4 children before returning to his origin, the Tamasik Island, now called Singapore and was died & buried there.


A] Potre Angentabo of T'bok:

 1]  Saripada Macaalang
 2]  Potre Daragat

B] Potre Tonina of Maguindanao:

 3]  Potre Maamor
 4]  Potre Meraganding
 5]  Potre Bai Batullah

C} Potre Mazhawang of Calibao:

 6]  Datu Bandera of Malabang
 7]  Datu Aloyodan of Masiu
 8]  Potre Layagun of Bansayan
 9]  Potre Kadmaan 

D] Potre Mahirang of Simuay:

 10]  Takli sa Penoe
 11]  Makasasa - Shariff Yamanullah

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