Sultanate of Koronadal

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The Sultanate of Koronadal was formerly an extension of the Sultanate of Maguindanao in Mindanao, southern Philippines. This sultanate was said to be the spot frequented by the Sultan of Buayan, through Saranggani Bay. This strengthened the allegation that southern Cotabato was a territory of the Maguindanao World.

The Koronadal domain was inhabited by the B'laans and Maguindanaons in the past. The word "Koronadal" was derived from the B'laan words koron or kolon which means cogon grass; and nadal or datal meaning plain. Marbel (now, Koronadal City), derived from Marb-El term of the B'laans meaning "murky waters," in South Cotabato, was part of the Koranadal sultanate.





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