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Stardoom is a drama komiks novel in the Philippines written by Orlando Nadres and illustrated by Elpidio Torres. It was serialized in Sixteen Komiks in 1969. The series was also adapted into a movie directed by Lino Brocka.

Main Characters

  1. Toyang (played by Lolita Rodriguez) --an ambitious mother eager to become rich
  2. Asyong (Eddie Garcia)--husband of Toyang
  3. Emong (Mario O'Hara)--first born son of Toyang and Asyong
  4. Joey (Walter Navarro)--youngest son of Toyang and Asyong


Toyang, a pretty and ambitious young woman, dreamed of becoming an actress and thus extracting herself from the poverty she was in. Her dream was cut-short by the outbreak of war. After the war, Toyang met an ugly, yet rich-looking guy named Asyong. Thinking that she finally found someone who would save her from poverty, Toyang agreed to marry Asyong, only to find out later that he was only a poor man disguised as rich, having stolen his master's clothing and car.

Toyang's world crumbled and she abused the repentant Asyong who vowed to love her even more. As years passed by, Toyang bore a son named Emong. She abused Emong because he looks like Asyong, whom she still never forgive. Nevertheless Asyong asserted his rights as husband and he forces Toyang to sleep with him, and thus another child was born, named Joey. Unlike Emong, Joey got the looks of her mother, and thus was well-loved by her. Toyang dreamed that her son become a child movie star some day. Emong, a quiet child, however, was more and more neglected and abused by Toyang.

One day Asyong found hungry Emong eating trash because Toyang and Joey were busy shooting a commercial. In rage, Asyong sought Toyang for a showdown but he was hit by a truck and died.

As years went by, Joey went on to become a teen star in the movies, while simple Emong got a simple job and married a decent lady.

The time came that Joey had enough of his mother's overprotectiveness and he rebelled. He got into many vices, while Emong continues to offer help to Toyang, who never wanted any from him.

In the final moment, when Joey was to have his biggest break in the movies, he was shot dead by a woman he had previous relationship with, to the great distraught of Toyang.


Stardoom was made into a movie directed by Lino Brocka. Brocka was able gather an excellent cast, who gave excellent performances. Lolita Rodriguez played Toyang, Eddie Garcia was Asyong, Walter Navarro as Joey, and Mario O'Hara as Emong.


  • Sixteen Komiks-Magasine Vol.1 #16-29, Manila: Affiliated Publications, 1969

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