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Soledad's Sister is a novel written by Filipino author Jose Dalisay and published by Anvil Publishing, Inc. in 2008. It was among the five shortlisted literary entries in the 1st Man Asian Literary Prize in 2007.


The novel starts with the arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) of a casket from Jeddah, bearing the corpse of a woman identified as Aurora V. Cabahug. The body, which was mysteriously identified by Jeddah authorities as having died from drowning, is one of 600 Filipino overseas workers who return to NAIA every year. The corpse, however, is not the real Aurora Cabahug but that of her older sister Soledad. The real Aurora Cabahug lives in the small town of Paez and is a singer in Flame Tree, a night club frequented by cops and Korean tourists. Aurora learns of her sister's death and claims the body with the help of a local police officer, Walter G. Zamora. On their way back to Paez their vehicle, along with the casket, is stolen by a notorious carnapper known as Boy Alambre. He discovers Soledad's casket and pushes it into a murky river but ironically, the thief drowns with the corpse.


  • Soledad V. Cabahug – She is a Filipino overseas worker in Hong Kong who comes home pregnant. She steals her sister's identity and emigrates to Jeddah but comes home again as a corpse.
  • Aurora V. Cabahug – Rory is Soledad's younger sister who dreams of becoming a famous singer and works at the Flame Tree.
  • SPO2 Walter G. Zamora – He is a Paez police officer with a dark past, who helps Aurora claim her sister's corpse.
  • Jose Maria Pulumbarit – Jomar, more notoriously known as Boy Alambre, is a carnapper. He steals the FX used to transport Soledad's body.
  • Tennyson Yip – He is the vice mayor of Paez who frequents Flame Tree and helps Aurora find a way to claim her sister's body.
  • Mama Merry – She is the owner of Flame Tree KTV bar.
  • Chester and Nancy Liu – They are Soledad's employers in Hong Kong.
  • Meenakshi – She is an Indian maid who becomes Soledad's companion in Jeddah. They disappear together but Meenakshi's body is never found.
  • Loulwa – She is an Arabian princess and Soledad's employer in Jeddah.
  • Prince Khaled – He is an engineer and Loulwa's husband.
  • Fouad and Amina – They are Loulwa's children.
  • Nathan – He is Soledad's son.
  • Nicomedes Panganiban – He is a pianist from Cafe Sonata who gives Aurora informal music lessons.




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