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Society of Filipino Foresters (SFF) is the association of professional foresters registered to practice in the Republic of the Philippines. The organization follows the idea of "what is good for the forests and the forestry profession is good for the country." Every members of the society serves the cause of forest conservation and act with integrity and professionalism.


SFF was founded in 1948 but became impotent during the totalitarian regime of President Ferdinand Marcos. It was revitalized in 1986 by a group of private practitioners of the profession led by Forester Louis Laudencia, who was the Association Executive of the Philippine Wood Products Association since 1981. Annual Conventions of the SFF was re-started in 1988 and until now such has been the tradition maintained by the professional society.


The organization had set their objectives in line with their ideals and aims. Their objective is to represent and promote the science, technology, education, practice and business of Forestry in the Philippines. Another is to safeguard the welfare of professional foresters in the country, to assist in the full development, wise use and conservation of forest land, to take appropriate stands on local, national and international issues concerning forestry and the profession, to provide a medium for the exchange of professional ideas and implementation of forestry policies and lastly, to perform acts which are directly or indirectly necessary for the objectives of the society.


The membership of the society is open to all professional Filipino Foresters who are registered to practice the profession in the Philippines. All members were affiliated to a chapter according to the choice of the member where they enjoy benefits of being a member and render all obligation and responsibilities for the maintenance of membership.




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